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It’s important to remember that the voting upset experienced on November 8th really isn’t about a “mandate” being given to Donald Trump or even about supporting him as a candidate. The bottom line is that the upset was about “status quo” versus “cleaning house”, the establishment versus the outside. Sending an outsider to Washington has often been crudely compared to sending a young tender virgin to clean up a whorehouse. We should be praying that Trump can follow through with cleaning up the cesspool. – HJL

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Along those lines comes this article from Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge: American Uprising

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Not Getting It: Michael Moore, Hollande, Merkel, Financial Times, Stephen Colbert

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From CBS News: The unbearable smugness of the press – P.M.

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Immigration Surging; 1.5 Million Arriving Annually – B.B.

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