Odds ‘n Sods:

Cool Secret Door Into House

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There are a lot of concepts here with applicability to bug-out vehicles: Dan Travels – Stealth Van Masterpiece

Some other great ideas on bugout van conversions can be seen HERE.

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I heard from GunMag Warehouse that in the past 10 days their volume of sales has quintupled. They are now SOLD OUT of many types of magazines. But they mentioned that they still have a decent supply of standard Gen 2 black PMAGs for AR-15 available. Stock up!

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How a small N.J. town ended up near the top of a federal ‘crime gun’ list – DSV

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Free Webinar on Oath Keepers: SHTF Constitutional Resistance to Unconstitutional Stuff – How the Founders Expected Us to Handle the Clinton/Obama Cabal – W.C.

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