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Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity – A Pentagon Video JWR’s Comment: The dystopian predictions are based on some solid demographic trends. Urbanization will surely continue. The choice for survivalists is clear: Avoid urban areas! – JWR

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At The Charles Carroll Society page: Support local producers, produce for yourself and then others – a homesteading theory

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I just noticed that KeepShooting.com now has British Army Arctic Woodland (DPM pattern) Trousers back in stockBritish Army Arctic Woodland (DPM pattern) Trousers for less than $20 a pair.

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Pirate Party Surge Falls Short as Icelanders Back Stability

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According to an analyst in Israel, Turkey has apparently started a stealthy invasion of northern Iraq. Take a look at this video: Amir Tsarfati Prophecy Update – The Pope, Turkey, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia 11/1/16

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