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Video: Hicock45 test shoots, describes and field strips the TNW Aero Survival Rifle. This is a straight-blowback AR variant that uses Glock magazines. It is available chambered in .45 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, 10MM, and .357 SIG. Though I’m not a fan of pistol caliber carbines, the TNW looks quite well machined and finished. However, as you can see from the video, the ergonomics of the undersize grip are so-so, and the feeding reliability appears to be highly dependent on having fully-seated magazines. – JWR

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New social media tools empower citizen journalism. SurvivalBlog readers are strongly encouraged to get themselves free press credentials over at our CFAPA.org spin-off web site. Always carry your press credentials whenever you are out on the road!

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Now available on YouTube: The History Channel’s Bielski Brothers Partisan Group documentary. (Note: Most of the historical footage that accompanies the interviews is from Russian WWII propaganda films and NOT of Jewish partisans.)

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Rawles Interviewed by The Daily Coin on the Presidential Election and global threats.

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Seven of the Top Places U.S. Expats Are Living in Latin America (and Why)

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