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When you think your city has high crime… A TALE OF TWO CITIES Rio Carnival 2017 sees millions of revellers take to the streets – as cops clash with drug users in notorious ‘crackland’ district of Sao Paulo (Warning: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro in particular, is very vulgar. You have been warned before viewing these pictures.)

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A solid take on the radiation detected in Europe: Some Numbers on the European Radioactive Iodine Story

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A SurvivalBlog reader wrote in asking if anyone knew how to obtain these adjustable glasses. They might be handy to have in a TEOTWAWKI situation.

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SurvivalBlog reader “Bronco” suggested this site for license plate scanner OPSEC. Apparently LLCs in New Mexico do not require the names and addresses of the principles and do not require any annual reports or annual fees. This might be worth researching.

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Hackers can steal data through LED lights on your computer

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