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Some good news for the owner of HK9x-series rifles: I contacted the management of Franklin Armory, and they told me that they have now produced prototype HK binary trigger packs that are the functional equivalent of their very popular BFS-III binary triggers for AR-15s. They said that the new HK trigger packs will be shipping to individuals around May or June of 2017. I will be eagerly awaiting mine. OBTW, because of state level restrictions, binary triggers are not available for civilian sales in California, the District of Criminals (DC), Iowa, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, or the State of Washington.

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Man who used CNC mill to make untraceable guns sentenced to 41 months – T.P.

JWR’s Comment: It is notable that this was a Federal prosecution. We must ask: Where is the “Interstate Commerce” in this case that would justify Federal jurisdiction? There clerly is none! This man’s conviction is a good candidate for an appeal or an immediate Presidential pardon.

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New Hampshire set to be the 13th state with Constitutional Carry, still on track to get 16 to 17 states by end of year – DSV

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AI-Powered Body Cams Give Cops The Power To Google Everything They See – DSV

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If you use One Time Pad (OTP) encryption, you may be interested in this tool submitted by a SurvivalBlog reader: One Time Pad Coding Tool

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