Odds ‘n Sods:


This headline comes from our “Enlightened” feel-good socialist neighbors to the north: Man who beheaded passenger on Greyhound bus granted freedom. – JWR

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Backwoods Home Magazine will cease publishing its print magazine at the end of 2017. The decision was dictated by simple economics. Thankfully, there will still be a digital edition. – JWR

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Some recent snail mail correspondence with a consulting client included my recommendation for this goodie that could prove incredibly useful in a Get Out of Dodge situation: The Receiver Mount RV Cargo Luggage Carrier Basket.

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This new retreat land listing over at our SurvivalRealty spin-off site for 30 acres near Robbinsville North Carolina is unusual, since it has springs and adjoins US Forest Service land: Smoky Mountain Safe Haven.

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CBP agents dismantle catapult attached to border fence – B.B.

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