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100,000 People Are Evacuating Over “Imminent Failure” Of California’s Oroville Dam – Live Feeds – P.S.

HJL’s Comment: I would note that one of my friends who lives in Orville was notified that looters are having a heyday. In addition, I listened to a 9:40pm (PT) update from the sheriff’s department who admitted that the “might fail within an hour” language was not true and was designed to get people to move from their homes immediately. It’s sad and harmful that you can’t get truthful information from your own government when it counts.

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Congressional Report Warns of Grim Terrorism Outlook for 2017 – D.B.

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President Donald Trump is enforcing the law of the land. But check out how this country treats Muslim illegals entering through their boarders. It makes Trumps plan look tame. – J.H.

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Woman shot in donut shop after gun drops from man’s clothing. Makes one wonder why they invented holsters – T.J.

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Freedom granted to man who beheaded bus passenger in Canada

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