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The Chinese counterfeiters are back to their old tricks, producing shoddy fake Cold Steel knives, including some Rawles XL Voyagers. They are definitely fakes, since Cold Steel only made Rawles XL Voyagers with ONE blade style and ONE blade color! Please take a minute to go to the lower right corner of the eBay page and click on “Report Item”, and ask that this seller be banned. Thanks! – JWR

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A new Tennessee listing at our SurvivalRealty spin-off is captivating, since it is the lowest-priced property that I can recall that includes on-site caves: Secluded Wilder Mountain Acreage – Caves, Waterfalls, and More.

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Far Beyond Crime-Ridden Depravity, Darknets Are Key Strongholds of Freedom

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Doomsday Bug, Resistant to Every Drug, Found in L.A. – D.B.

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How To Grow A Whole Bulb Of Garlic From A Single Clove – DSV

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