Odds ‘n Sods:

BSA…Living up to only the first two letters. Goodbye, Boy Scouts of America. You spineless cowards. – D.S.

Article Excerpt: “So, if I haven’t been clear, here’s how this works: You give the leftist bullies every last thing they want, and in return you get nothing. Whatever you already had, you lose. Those who supported you while you were being attacked, no longer support you. The people who hated you still hate you and the people who loved you now resent you for betraying them. You are now officially in a lose/lose/lose/lose-unto-infinity scenario…But hey, at least the media will write a few nice articles about you.”

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Mexico Vows $50 Million Legal Fund to Fight U.S. Deportations. Funny comment on the article below from a commentator: “Mexico’s cost for the wall just went up by $50 million. We also have a bill to submit to you for the welfare, housing assistance, health care, cost of their imprisonment, and other financial goodies they have taken from tax-paying American citizens…while they were illegally living in America…as well as for the pain and suffering they have caused to American’s by their illegal actions.” – D.B.

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Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists – P.M.

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The Cloud Party Declares War – B.B.

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Three Reasons Why a Double Standard is Imposed on Israel

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