Letter Re: Oil and Lubricant Storage in Retreat Planning

After reading your blog [post] on oil storage I heartily agree with most of your points. I stock synthetic [motor] oil for this purpose: it lasts longer! If a time comes when I can’t get oil I want what I have to be the best. I recently began using Mobil 1 Extended Performance [synthetic] and I’m not sure I can back it up, but I did notice a slight mileage increase over regular Mobil 1 in my 2000 F-150 4×4 Super Cab. Perhaps just a coincidence, but perhaps it actually lubricates a bit better than regular Mobil 1. I also like to run synthetic [oil] in mowers and such because of infrequent oil changes and no filters. I recently began the “no oil change” thing on a Toyota that uses some oil anyway, so now I only change the filter occasionally and then top off the oil every week or two.

My only disagreement with your blog post concerns the sand soaked in “used” motor oil. Used motor oil is a known carcinogen and should be recycled. Use some kind of cheap oil for that purpose, but not used motor oil, especially on hand tools that are going to be in contact with your hands.  Later, – Matt in Montana