From David in Israel Re: An American Ex-Pat Community in Israel, and CONEX House Conversions

Jim: Here are some links that you might find of interest, regarding Karnei Shomron. [From the web page: “Atop Ginot Shomron is a charming neighborhood known as “Neve Aliza” that has one of the largest concentrations of North American olim in all of Israel.”] See: and I wish it had pictures of Ramat Gilad it is the three year old hilltop Yeshuv with the caravans (single wide and double wide mobiles) and container houses. And here is a story with a little history of Ramat Gilad written by a lefty (an anti-settlement type):

Letter Re: Doing Business in Urban California

Mr. Rawles: Your book has been highly recommended to me by an acquaintance in another state. He asked if I’d read your book because you and I seem to have the same opinions on being in a large city (like Oakland, California where I live) when any kind of disaster strikes. These people rioted when The Raiders [JWR adds: For the benefit of our overseas readers, The Oakland Raiders are the local professional football team] made it to the super bowl and rioted again when they lost. A good friend of mine lost his thriving auto body business because his …

Letter Re: A Flock of Miniature Goats?–Canning Meat

Memsahib: Just wanted to mention… really is not too hard to can meat with a pressure cooker. If you stock up now on mason jars and a good pressure cooker ( get an extra gasket) you can raise elephants for meat! Just have a feast for all the neighbors and can the rest. It is nice to have little jars of cooked meat around to dump over rice or throw into a stew. Frankly, it’s easier IMO than plucking or skinning family size animal meals every day, to just cut up one big one and can all day, and then …

From Dr. November Re: Useful Medical References on the Web

Jim, good point about those two ‘Where There is no…” books. Here’s another, which I’ve had a small part in: The download is free. A printed and bound copy is also available for $13.60 at The cost covers the printing, nobody is making a dime off of it. This is a work in progress, and the April 2005 revision of the original misc.survivalism medical faq. Highly recommended. Here are a couple of sites that have more medical info on them: A link to the online 1918 version of Gray’s Anatomy (no, not the insipid TV show) is …

Odds ‘n Sods: Walter Williams on Understanding Inflation

Noted economist Walter Williams (who sometimes substitutes as the host for Rush Limbaugh’s talk radio show) just wrote a concise little piece on understanding inflation. See: Williams is one of my heroes because he is a true conservative and he doesn’t mince words.