Note from JWR:

I have again expanded the SurvivalBlog Glossary. It is now much more comprehensive–with many more technical entries. And for the benefit of our overseas readers, I have added a lot of acronyms that are already familiar to most Americans.

Letter from G.F.L. –Reply to L.C., Re: On Gold, Silver, and Barter

Mr. Rawles: The following response is not intended to be insulting, but I fear it must inevitably come across as such. L.C.’s ignorance is so astonishing in its breadth and depth that I do not know how else to address it. I therefore apologize from the outset for what follows, but understand that this is all intended in the sincere hope of increasing understanding and not some sort of “I know more than you do” contest.  L.C. wrote: “I was moderately concerned for the first time reading your blog this past week in regards to the post on Gold and …

Letter Re: States Plans for Asian Avian Flu

James; I was looking at the Texas State Department of Health and Human Services home page this morning and saw a link to their state plan for a flu pandemic. I thought our fellow readers might like to take a look. Probably would be a good idea for us all to see what each of our states have in mind for us. Here is the URL: Long Life, – “Overhill”