The Army Aviator on Deep Cycle Batteries and Inverters

About batteries: Since 1996 doing my [seasonal] RV living, I’ve been using 16 golf cart batteries: 12 on the back bumper and 4 on the front bumper. They have been adequate for my RV requirements. BTW, beyond the normal stuff, my RV utilizes two networked servers, two workstations, two satellite … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Best All-Around Dog Breed for a Retreat?

Dear Mr. Rawles, Hi, just wanted to say I loved “Patriots” and follow SurvivalBlog religiously.  Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of the survival-minded community. A bit about retreat dogs:   A dog is two things – what its breeding have made it, and what its training … Continue reading

Letter Re: Solar and Off Grid Power – an Additional Contact

Mr. Rawles In your [list of] resources for solar and off grid contacts you must not have been aware of Kenny G. at, who is most likely the most respected install team leader in the U.S. and one of the most sought after consultants in the industry. In many … Continue reading

A Home-Based Business–Your Ticket to The Boonies

The majority of SurvivalBlog readers that I talk with tell me that they live in cities or suburbs, but they would like to live full time at a retreat in a rural area. Their complaint is almost always the same: “…but I’m not self-employed. I can’t afford to live in … Continue reading

David in Israel on Sleeping in Comfort

Sleeping can be a real challenge when you are away from your soft American style bed. here are a few tips to beat the cold and discomfort. 1. Cardboard. Whether it is making a mattress base or a refrigerator box bedroom its insulation to cost ratio is amazing. The box … Continue reading

Letter from John in Iraq RE: Survival Fiction Recommendation

Hello Sir, Sorry I haven’t had time to send in an update recently. I’ll try to do so in the near future.   I just wanted to call your attention to an excellent short story [titled “The Bug Out”] about an ordinary man and his family attempting to bug out. … Continue reading

Letter Re: Glocks, M1911s, and The Importance of Training

Dear Jim: Some very good points have been made in the posts on firearms advice – one of the best being to hit with the most bullet you can handle and carry.  The only better advice I could give is:  don’t obsess too much about what you shoot – but … Continue reading

From Dr. Gary North’s Latest Newsletter: Free Video on The Federal Reserve

Dr. Gary North writes in the latest issue of his REALITY CHECK e-newsletter: “If you get confused about money, the Federal Reserve System, and all this fractional reserve banking stuff, I have a solution. It’s the best 45-minute documentary on the Federal Reserve System that I have seen. The good … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods

SurvivalBlog reader Dr. Sans Paine recommends the web site as a great compendium on pharmaceuticals, including some very useful data on drug interactions. In addition to their “by subscription” service, their free download data is surprisingly complete and updated frequently. o o o I was thoroughly disgusted to see … Continue reading

Asian Avian Flu: Network TV Anchorman Tom Brokaw Admits to Storing Food

While many of us were opening gifts on Christmas morning, SurvivalBlog reader “Hamlet” said that he was was casually watching Tim Russert and his guests on Meet the Press. He reports: “My jaw dropped as Tom Brokaw…told of… family bug-out plans and stored food/water preparations.” The following is brief excerpt … Continue reading