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Letter Re: Canned Butter Versus Butter Powder

Hello James, The Blog just keeps getting better and better. Kudos! I’m in the “luxury” stage of my pantry building and recently calculated the cost/benefit of storing butter. I figure butter would not only provide a psychological boost during bleak times, but would make a great barter item as well. I looked at three different methods: 1, Canned Butter Powder – Storage life of 6 to 8 years. Requires reconstituting. Cost per pound of table ready product – $8.45 2. Canned Butter – Storage life of 3 to 5 years. Requires no reconstitution. Cost per pound of table ready product …

Letter Re: Hidden Safes

I thought you readers might be interested in this. Here is a news report that details the hidden safes. The third video is the important one about the safes.  See: Here is the home page for the company that put the safes in the cars: I was impressed. – Cube

Two Letters from D.B. Re: M1A Rifles, Modifications and Scout/SOCOM Variants

JWR: A couple of tidbits regarding the king of the battle rifles: M14 magazines are now just $10 each at Midway – they have secured a lot of Taiwan mags – these are made on USGI machinery that we sold to the Taiwanese. Yes, I feel stupid for having bought my supply @ $35 each!  [JWR’s Comment: If they are blued, then they are Taiwanese. If they are gray phosphated (Parkerized), then odds are 90% that they are mainland Chinese.] The “chopping” of the barrel from regular length to scout length is a very complicated operation requiring the re-milling of …

Letter Re: Recommended Silver Bullion Dealer

Mr Rawles, I just wanted to send you a note suggesting another dealer from whom to buy $1,000 face value bags of [pre-1965] junk silver. I am not affiliated with him in any way, just a happy customer. The dealer is Hannes Tulving, [in southern California.] His web site is: In my experience he deals in primarily in bullion, and very little in numismatic products. I’m a very happy customer and have referred several people to him over the years. – E.L.

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“Guns and ballistics have fascinated me since boyhood, and I hope this elemental pleasure will endure, for it has offered me a great deal of pleasure as well as kinship with others that only ballistics and a cozy campfire could possibly create. Such cartridges as the .270 Winchester, .300 H&H Magnum, .30-06, and even some for the big-bore British favorites are as interesting to me as though magic were contained in these combinations of figures….What has been the result? I have reached up to the gun rack and taken down the .30-30 carbine by some process of natural selection, not …