Letter Re: Solar and Off Grid Power – an Additional Contact

Mr. Rawles
In your [list of] resources for solar and off grid contacts you must not have been aware of Kenny G. at www.armadillosolar.net, who is most likely the most respected install team leader in the U.S. and one of the most sought after consultants in the industry. In many cases he has come in to fix systems installed by less than honest installers, particularly in the Texas. In the local area of Austin, Texas I know of none of his customers who are less than enthusiastic about his products and advice. Austin hosts the largest aggregation of residential off grid installations in Texas, and we talk about it! BTW – the wife and I loved your novel TEOTWAWKI [one of the draft editions of “Patriots”] that we got from you many years ago, before it was published via that publishing company. – Wotan