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Many thanks for your support  Thusfar, we’ve had seven responses to the SurvivalBlog Ten Cent Challenge. Special thanks to David M., who pledged $100. Today, we present yet another entry in our writing contest. There are just 10 days left to send your entries. The prize is a four day course certificate at Front Sight. (Worth up to $2,000!)

High Performance Low Maintenance Clothing for Troubled Times–by “Springmtnd”

What clothing do you pack in your bug-out-bag and for long term wear in troubled times? One of the things you can count on in trying times is limited access to shower and laundry facilities. Most clothing you wear next to your skin gets pretty skunky after a few days, especially synthetics. What’s a survivor to do? You want something soft and comfortable, light weight, warm when cold or wet, cool when hot, wicking, doesn’t stink, doesn’t get dirty, easy to wash, and while we are wishing–how about cheap? I am into ultra-light backpacking. I used to wear a long …

Sorting Out Fact from Fiction in the EMP Threat

There is a wide range of opinion on the potential implications of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)–either that generated by a terrorist nuke ground burst, or a nation-state’s high altitude air burst(s). I’m convinced that the threat is real. But don’t just take my word on it. Back in 2004, the U.S. Congress commissioned a study by a prestigious panel of scientists to investigate the potential implications of EMP. I suggest that you take time to read the Heritage Foundation’s summary, which followed the release of the EMP’s Commission’s report. (see:  And if you feel so inclined, go on to read …

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

"Note that mere ownership of a firearm does not render the owner armed any more than ownership of a guitar renders the owner a musician. The wild cry, “My life is in danger, give me a gun!” is the plaint of a fool. The time to acquire one’s weapons and learn how to use them is before the riots start, not afterwards." – Col. Jeff Cooper