Letter Re: IP Addresses in an Internet Blackout

If the powerful few decide to shut down independent news sites, more than likely they will shut down the DNS servers and leave the rest of the Internet up. The DNS servers (Domain Name System) is liken to a telephone book. You look up the name (Domain name) and it gives you the telephone number, in our case, the IP Number (Internet Protocol Number). They can accomplish this by shutting down the entire DNS systems or just selectively remove certain domain addresses from the book, leaving the rest of the book operational. Note that either way, the news sites are still there and operating.

The cure for this, if it should happen, is to know the phone number (IP address) beforehand. Then you don’t need the telephone book. It’s that simple. Below is a list of some of my favorite sites, including this site. Copy and save those numbers. If you are really bored, just go ahead and copy them in as PROPERTIES of your favorite Internet bookmarks, i.e. replace Survivalblog.com with .

Note: The big sites have a dedicated computer server just for their sites. Little guys like myself rent a shared server, thus requiring a longer name than just the IP number. Also be aware that the number needs the “http://” in front of it, so if your browser does not automatically add it, you will have to. To be safe, just add the “http://” anyway. In fact, if you don’t want to append your favorites on your browser now, save the list below and just click on them and they should automatically link you to the sites.

Note that the top link is to a free service that will allow you to find the IP addresses to some of your own favorite sites. Happy hunting, but do it now! – J.C.

IP Lookup: http://ip-lookup.net/domain-lookup.php




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