Letter Re: How Vulnerable are Alternative Energy Systems to EMP?

As usual, excellent comments about [making] a clean cut from the grid. As for me, I am fully self contained in the country with a Trace Inverter/Charger in a Genverter setup. My day to day electricity is from a dual fuel generator which is powered by propane stored in six 1000 gallon surplus tanks. I also have a windmill, windmill tower and solar cells pre wired. HOWEVER, the windmill and solar cells are stored in a well grounded CONEX. ( and BTW the windmill is heavy as he*l on the alternator end and takes a heavy gin pole to mount it.) I don’t think we’ll see EMP but just in case I figure it’s worth the extra cost of fuel to assure the windmill and solar survive. Of course I have two matching windmills and spare blades.as well as a matching Trace. “Two is one, and one is none.” Best regards to you and the Memsahib. – The Army Aviator