Letter Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Storage Food and “Nano Masks”

Hi Jim:
Great to see young new people trying to start practical preparations. One cup of FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth per five gallon bucket will keep the bugs out. All of my stuff is already in nitro packed buckets with oxygen absorbers, but someday we might not be able to get dry ice and O2 absorbers for packing grains, so I just ordered some diatomaceous earth myself. See: http://www.internet-grocer.net/diatome.htm

[The other topic that I wanted mention is] “Nano masks.” Mine just got shipped to me via UPS. I ordered them a month ago. Far more effective than N-95 [filter]s. See: http://www.2hdistributors.com/index/mn20442/bird_flu_home\ – God bless, Lyn