JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:


Nuclear War Survival Skills (Updated Edition) By Cresson Kearney, et al.

Earth Abides by George R. Stewart


Blood Diamond

Paths Of Glory


The Stanley Brothers – All Time Greatest Hits

Andrea Bocelli: Romanza


Oregon Public Broadcasting journalists analyze the Malheur Seven trial. Some of them feel that this might have been an act of jury nullification. They also discussed the upcoming Bundy Ranch trial and describe the bizarre tasering of defense attorney Marcus Mumford, just after the “not guilty” verdicts were read. Showing some bias of their own, they downplayed the overt bias of Judge Anna Brown.

The Expat Files – 10.21.16

Instructional Videos:

Maine Bush Camp Long Term Winter Survival Shelter Construction

And here is a Dane’s simplified approach (filmed in Russia): Arctic Forest Shelter: The Woodsmans Bed


Replacement Spout – for Plastic Gas Can(These replace the ridiculous CARB-compliant spouts. I recommend buying a couple of sets before the EPA bans them!)

Garmin Montana 610t GPS Unit