JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:


The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications

Idaho for the Curious: A Guide


Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (recommended for children and teens)

Rooster Cogburn


The Best of Guy Clark

Gloryland: 30 Bluegrass Gospel Classics


Podcast-James Wesley Rawles – We’re Still Headed For A Cataclysmic Event – Part 1

Podcast-James Wesley Rawles – We’re Headed For A Cataclysmic Event – Part 2

Instructional Videos:

A YouTube video from VikingPreparedness about mental preparedness for Schumer Hits The Fan (SHTF) situations: “It all happened SO FAST!”

YouTube Video Collection 152 Do It Yourself Projects Using Wood Pallets (for sheds, furniture, hen houses, greenhouses, and much more!)


QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge, 50 gram

Seamand Hydration Pack with 3 Liter Water Bladder for Hiking and Climbing