From “Dr. Sidney Zweibel” — Review of a Front Sight Shotgun Course

Dear Jim:
Well, I’m back from my trip to Front Sight and I believe that it was very informative. Some of the things I learned I would like to share with you and your readers:.
1. There were several policemen in the class and they, along with the instructor, do NOT recommend using a sling on a shotgun for home defense.

2. One cop was using Federal Tactical buckshot and was getting the best groupings and patterns on his targets.

3. The lecture on the color-code of awareness is vital to understand.

4. They really stress being able to load your shotgun WITHOUT looking at either your shotshells or your weapon.

5. They also emphasize doing “tactical reloads” as frequently as possible. (That is, if you shoot two, reload two if you shoot one then reload one.)

6. The simulator scenario at “Shotgun Canyon” was very revealing as to learning to break the habit of “tunnel-vision” in a scenario of multiple targets and assailants. They teach to scan in all directions and to differentiate between cover and concealment.

7. One of the hardest things for me, at first, was to learn how to sling the weapon muzzle down.(Don’t ask.)

OBTW, I used one of the school’s Remington 870 pump actions. Surprisingly I did not experience any soreness in my shoulder after firing approximately 150 rounds. But I did sustain a minor cut on my left hand when I pinched it on the foreend pump. Oh well, a little blood kinda adds to the realism don’t you think? Baruch HaShem Yahweh, – Dr. Sidney Zweibel, Columbia P&S