From Dr. November Re: Useful Medical References on the Web

Jim, good point about those two ‘Where There is no…” books.

Here’s another, which I’ve had a small part in: The download is free. A printed and bound copy is also available for $13.60 at The cost covers the printing, nobody is making a dime off of it. This is a work in progress, and the April 2005 revision of the original misc.survivalism medical faq. Highly recommended.

Here are a couple of sites that have more medical info on them:
A link to the online 1918 version of Gray’s Anatomy (no, not the insipid TV show) is pretty good. It also has a mirror for the FAQ.
[JWR adds: The 1918 and later editions of Gray’s do make useful references. However, please note the “Classic Edition” reprint edition (of a much earlier edition) often found at book stores and on should NOT be relied upon as an anatomy reference!]

The Navy Corpsman manual ( is particularly good for people with the desire to learn basic lab work. Please note though: The SF medical guide is the OLD one, and many of the treatments recommended are out of favor (Choramphenicol, in particular, is one of those ‘lesser of two evil’ drugs these days). Good info on austere public health and veterinary work though. Stay healthy! – Dr. November