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Saudi’s Issue Warning To Trump: Don’t Stop Saudi Oil Imports

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National debt is growing faster than you think – B.B.

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For anyone who believes that the Trump administration’s planned tax policies will result in an economic revival, I’d recommend parlaying some of their gold holdings into platinum, since platinum is more of an industrial metal. Presently, gold is selling for around $1228 per troy ounce, while platinum is at around $940 per ounce. In an industry-driven economic recovery, the gold-to-platinum price ratio is almost sure to return to its historic norm, with platinum selling at a substantial premium above gold. – JWR

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Investors Shifting Billions Into Tangible Assets

JWR’s Comment: Mainstream financial advisers are still trying to push us into “solid mutual funds”. Bwaaahaha. Tangibles that are made in truly finite numbers (such as gun models that are out of production or limited production) or that are inherently scarce (like precious metals) only go UP in value in the long term. They are better than money in any bank, and most other investments. And, unlike Dollar-denominated investments, there is no chance that their value will ever just go “poof” overnight. Oh, and when we die someday at a ripe old age, our grandchildren will thank us sincerely, when they inherit those tangibles. Stack them deep, ladies and gents.

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