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Video: This Is Gold’s Turnaround Year – Aden Sisters JWR’s Comment: I am still more bullish on silver than I am on gold. I can foresee that by around 2030 the silver-to-gold price ratio will slide back closer to the historical norm of around 16-to-1. (Presently it is around 71-to-1, making silver a huge bargain.)

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Reader A.N. sent us this evidence over at Zero Hedge that there is another Zimbabwe in the making: Venezuela Throws In The Towel On Hyperinflation: Will Print 200x Higher-Denominated Bills

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Also at Zero Hedge: “Recession Risk Is Rising” Fast, Deutsche Bank Warns “Outlook Remains Fragile” JWR’s Comment: The Great Unspoken is the fragility of the U.S. stock market, which is now quite over-valued. Be ready for a big drop in stock prices, folks.

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