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A number of SurvivalBlog readers have written in about the March 17, 2017 date as a doomsday for the U.S dollar. However, we must realize that just like every other time the debt ceiling has been reached, there will be much gnashing of teeth, name calling, threats, and insults hurled across the aisle of congress, but in the end, the debt ceiling will be raised. One of the best instructional videos on the current economy that I have seen comes from Mike Maloney. In part 4 “The Debt Ceiling Delusion” Mike talks about why this is so. (The debt is explained starting at 12:27 and the debt ceiling at 14:40). I would encourage all of SurvivalBlog readers to at least watch this episode of the series. The system will eventually crash, but it will not be because of the debt ceiling. It will be an outside influence that causes the crash – International loss of confidence in the dollar, war, domestic civil war or similar occurrence. Left to themselves, the congress critters and the Fed will simply keep running up the debt because they have to. Trump cannot overtly stop the process without crashing the economies of the entire world.

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