Two Letters Re: Major Mistakes With a Building Contractor

Gentlemen, I wholeheartedly second Pete’s comments in his letter regarding BM’s Major Mistake. In addition to the excellent suggestions Pete made, I would encourage BM to talk to whatever consumer protection agency operates in that area, as well as whoever licenses contractors. Both of them should be willing and able … Continue reading

Letter: Major Mistakes with a Building Contractor

Hi,I purchased 150 acres in my chosen location and intended to have a cabin built on it with a well and septic system. I found a contractor who said he would complete a well, septic, and “dried in cabin” for me. He was making good progress and completed about 60% … Continue reading

News From The American Redoubt:

“That’s pretty rare”: Helena gets two record-breaking days of snowfall this week o o o The liberal Cascadia Movement’s planned secession territory map flies in the face of logic. The territorial divide seems to have been selected based on watersheds rather than social and political demographics. The ground truth is … Continue reading

News From The American Redoubt:

Eastern Washington lawmakers file bill to split state JWR’s Comment: This partition is long overdue. In the long term I believe that it is almost inevitable, given the deepening socio-political divide between the two Washingtons—east and west of the Cascades. o o o Extreme Wyoming cold frosts even Moscow Ballet … Continue reading

News From The American Redoubt:

American Redoubt: Preparing for a societal storm (news television segment) One of the businesses mentioned in that news segment is Redoubt Surplus and Tactical, in Dalton Gardens, Idaho. o o o Here is another news segment, with the same theme: Preparing for the end of times in the Northwest—American Redoubt … Continue reading

Letter Re: Advice Request for Next Steps with Recent Land Purchase

Hi! Recently I bought acreage in both Colorado and Nevada. It’s empty land in a big place, and I like that. I’ve never worked with land before, having grown up and lived in cities most of my life. So I’m rather clueless about how to find good resources for next … Continue reading

Letter Re: Moving to Michigan

I enjoyed MM’s article about moving to Michigan to become a corrections officer. I appreciate his sunny outlook on his job. Most of the COs I knew in over two decades in law enforcement described their jobs as “doing life eight hours at a time” and the danger, poor air … Continue reading