Opportunity to Live on a Secure Family Farm for Americans or From Select Countries

Introductory note from JWR: I just received this update letter:

“I wanted to write to the readers of SurvivalBlog about the search for a family to live on our family farm.  The opportunity is still open. We have one nearby family who answered an earlier post who is being considered to join us if our farm is ever activated as a bug out location. We are open to consider another family for a bug out location OR a family to someday move over here joining our family through marriage to our son.  Distance does not matter to us, but quality does as we are concentrating our prayer and efforts on finding a quality family.
The United States and specifically conservative areas in our country are still islands of freedom. We are open to talking with people both in the United States and in countries and areas around the world such as Europe, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, or some other area that is culturally similar to the United States. We are definitely willing to hear from you, because centuries ago our family immigrated from Europe moving to the United States for better opportunities. Even in the United States, there are many areas where leftist policies inside big cities have created crime and reduced standards of living. This also could be an opportunity for a family in the United States who has been praying to find a safe area.
I will note that we live on highly productive farm, but the young woman or her family does not need to have any “experience” in farming. A young woman seeking to be a traditional wife aspiring to be married was in past generations a goal of most young woman, but today it is rare. If a young woman is seeking to be a wife and mother, in our family we have an intelligent successful quality young man who is praying for his future spouse. We pray daily for our son’s future wife and her family both for their health and to meet them.

If you have been praying to find a safe area to move, please write to us. We have no idea as to how much longer the preparedness window will remain open where we can purchase additional supplies. We are praying and trusting in God’s providence that He has a family who is reading this and will respond to our letter.”
Here is more information about the opportunity, what they are looking for, and a way to contact them are all detailed in the original post:
Late last year a consulting client asked me to help him find potential members for a retreat group membership at his family farm/bug-out location (BOL). That opportunity is still open and his family prays to be able to find a like-minded family soon. Please read the entire post as the retreat owners have opened up their search to include many more families and that may potentially include your family to have a safe place to retreat.
After much prayer, the farm owner has decided again to open up his request concentrating on families who are able to move to the farm and potentially for one member of their family to become a member of his family through marriage. If the entire family cannot move, then sufficient supplies could be pre-positioned for the rest of the family if the retreat needs to be activated. The farm will eventually belong to a successful young man who also lives full-time on the farm. The retreat owners believe in God’s providence and that there is a quality family out there with a like-minded single young woman in their family.
This opportunity could be good for a family who wants to leave an area that is deteriorating and move to a large farm in a safe conservative state. The family does not need to move immediately, but it would be ideal if the family could move to the retreat owner’s farm sooner rather than later as it is unknown how long the preparedness window will stay open.
I spoke with the young man and asked him for a wish list for a spouse. He mentioned that everything he is looking for was normal years ago when his parents married, but today finding a young woman with these qualities is rare. He has been praying for his spouse, so maybe his family considering adding another family to their retreat will open up this opportunity for him. Here is his wish list:
    • Christian
    • 21 to 32 years of age
    • Conservative
    • Wants to be married and have children
    • Single, never married and does not currently have children
    • Physically healthy
    • Average height and normal weight range
    • Non-smoker
    • Good personality
    • Domestic skills such as cooking and sewing or has an interest in learning.
He also wanted to mention: “We have all of the modern conveniences (power, water, phone, internet) that people in the city have including backups of everything, but without all of the problems of a polluted crowded city. We are not that far away from retail shopping including all of the major stores.”
Here at SurvivalBlog, there are often articles about the reasons for retreating as risk mitigation considering how dangerous many non-rural areas of the country are becoming or some practical suggestions on how to develop a retreat with friends or family. My client is offering a very special opportunity for the right quality family. I will tell you some more about the farm and then if you match this criteria, you could be who my client’s family has been praying to meet.
As previously mentioned, my consulting client lives full-time with his family on a highly-productive farm in Kansas. He has asked me to use SurvivalBlog to potentially add a family to become members of their retreat group. Unlike the caretaker position that I posted earlier last year (which was a salaried position), this is not a paying job, but if you have the qualifications think of your response as the first step toward a potential space for you and your family in a lifeboat which in a collapse scenario could be very important.
Imagine if the collapse has occurred and instead of being stuck in the city, you are either living on a farm or can travel there, where you are welcomed by a Christian family. It sounds like a fantasy, but it is true as there is a retreat owner and consulting client has asked me to search for a qualified like-minded family to help assist their family in the event their retreat needs to be activated. They live full time at their farm which has been a productive farm for over 150 years. The farm is in a safe geographic area with multiple sources of power, water including a stocked lake, and abundant trees for firewood in Kansas, which is a conservative state.
The farm produces enough food for hundreds of people and surrounding farms also produce grains, milk, meat, and eggs. The area is lightly populated, with more cattle than people. Wildlife including deer abound in the area.
Currently, the farm has room for just one more family. The retreat is already stocked for the owners, but additional supplies for you and your family to be determined upon mutual agreement with the retreat owners could be pre-positioned if you are accepted into their retreat group.
But before I can tell you anything more about this farm retreat, I need to know about you. The ideal candidates must be able to check off the following:
They will only consider happily married individuals in a strife-free and drug-free monogamous relationship.
Be devoted Christians and be on the same page as the farm owner concerning the current events of these Last Days.
Be circumspect and security-conscious.
Have minimal emotional baggage, drama, or other “issues.”
Apply with the understanding that they will have extensive background checks.
In your initial cover letter, please introduce yourself, your wife, and your family including your family’s beliefs, interests, hobbies, pets, and diet including any allergies or foods that any members of your family don’t eat. Please include detailed profiles of each family member that you would like to be potentially included listing work history and skills.”
If you meet these qualifications, then please e-mail a cover letter and detailed description, to: jamesATrawles.to (Change “AT” to an @ sign) and I will personally handle the initial contacts. Once we’ve narrowed the list of potential retreat group members, your details will then be forwarded to the farm owner.

Please pray seriously about this, before responding. – JWR