The 21st Century Geopolitical Chessboard

As we approach the end of 2023, I’ve been assessing world events. In short: The world is an increasingly dangerous place. There are numerous current threats, most notably:

  • The Western debt-based financial system is overextended and nearing a collapse.
  • The rise of the BRICS bloc.
  • Pandemics are being used as weapons to reduce population, control citizenries, and as excuses for a wide range of social engineering projects. Note that Avian Flu is still spreading and a new pneumonia strain broke out in northern China, and it is already jumping national borders. There is also a new canine respiratory illness and new swine flu variants.
  • The threat of regional war, from Ukraine.
  • The threat of regional war, from Taiwan.
  • The threat of regional war, from Syria.
  • The threat of regional war, from the Israel/Hamas Gaza war.
  • The hard left has seized control of academia, the mainstream media, and the Democrat party. They are rapidly pushing a socialist/globalist agenda.
  • Our nation’s southern border has collapsed, allowing an onrush of illegal immigration. This was intentionally orchestrated by the Biden regime, to build a larger leftist voting bloc.
  • The elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are moving behind the scenes in nearly all of the world’s governments, pursuing global governance.
  • Many Western nations are foolishly pushing for a transition to electric cars too quickly, without correspondingly expanding their grid power capacity.
  • The surveillance state has become ubiquitous. The linchpin will be a digital identification system. Digital IDs will become the de facto passports for Internet access, banking, travel, and vaccination. In a few years, anyone without digital ID will be pushed out of the economy and marginalized in the marketplace of ideas. (Read: Banned from the Internet.)
  • Urbanization, over-specialization, and over-dependence on technology have increased our vulnerability to cataclysmic events.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being rolled out without any controls.
  • CBDCs are being readied to replace paper currencies.

The Modern Chessboard

Diplomacy and the progression of the world’s wars have often been compared to a chess game. Here is my analysis of the current situation, using chess terms as an analogy. As you will see, there are plenty of players on the chessboard who are self-deluded, imagining themselves are more powerful than they really are.

  • The Chess Players of the modern chessboard are a handful of power brokers and puppeteers that hide in the shadows, such as the elite banking families, the WEF’s Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and George Soros. These are the true Powers That Be. For centuries, The Players have patiently developed hierarchical structures (such as political parties, the UN, and central banks) that control The Pieces. Their control is all via funding, finance, “contributions”, and blackmail. Never lose sight of the fact that The Players control their respective Pieces.
  • The Kings of the modern chessboard are the titular national “leaders” like Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Rishi Sunak, King Charles, and Vladimir Putin. The prominent chess pieces are not The Players. They are just pieces being moved by the actual Players. To use another analogy, they are like actors following a script. These identified “leaders” are really just followers that are fully controlled. They might as well be errand boys or court jesters.
  • The Queens of the modern chessboard are the executive branches of national governments, wielding modern military power and monetary policy.
  • The Castles of the modern chessboard are the lower-level bankers, the congresses, the parliaments, the pharmaceutical industry, academia, corporate boards and CEOs, and the press corps that peddles propaganda.
  • The Knights of the modern chessboard are the Big Tech and Social Media oligarchs. They may picture themselves as the kings and queens driving transnational policies, but in fact, they too are just subservient tools of the Powers That Be.
  • The Bishops of the modern chessboard are high-level bureaucrats, the chiefs of national intelligence and police agencies (such as the FBI and FSB), the national diplomatic corps, the Wokeist Intelligentsia, and the now solidly leftist and globalist Papacy.
  • The Pawns of the modern chessboard, just as in days of old, are the peasants. In medieval times, they were called peons and serfs. Today, they are the dumbed-down welfare class that can be quickly drafted to enlarge standing armies.

As a side note: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg may fancy themselves as knights or bishops, but in fact, they are just pawns. The same can be said for lots of other celebrities, actors, news anchors, and assorted outspoken “activists.” Again, they are not the drivers of policy, but rather just the tools of policy.

Pawn Sacrifices

The recent conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip have illustrated that The Powers That Be are willing to sacrifice countless lives of their own citizens in order to pursue their globalist agenda.


There are plenty of chess-like gambits that can be seen in the modern world: President Richard Nixon opening trade relations with Red China was a good example.  Putin’s recent push into the Crimea to permanently secure warm water ports has been called a strategic gambit. And the recent diplomatic agreement between Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China is another good example of a gambit.


There have been several mentions in the press about tech oligarchs buying large ranches in Wyoming, Texas, and Montana, and some “bolt hole” retreats in New Zealand.  Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison bought an entire island in Hawaii. The chess analogy for creating such a defensive position is castling.

The Endgame

In my estimation, we are nearing an endgame in the 21st-century geopolitical game of chess. World War 1 and World War 2 were just opening moves. The Cold War was a temporary stalemate. The recent COVID pandemic was merely a feint attack. I can foresee that some power moves to the rear rows of our side of the chessboard will be made soon.

The globalists have a long list of goals. A glimpse of them can be seen in the UN’s Agenda 2030 (with its 17 Goals) and the dovetailed stated goals of the WEF. But their greatest goal — one that is only slightly concealed — is reducing Earth’s population by at least 80 percent by the end of the 21st Century. Certainly, it would take massive wars, forced sterilization, and pandemics for them to accomplish such a large population reduction in just a few generations. But we are talking about very ruthless and godless Players. They’ve already accumulated tremendous wealth. But now, their quest is for power.


Watch world events closely. Always consider who is actually directing the moves, and why. Think strategically rather than tactically. Plan and develop your own defensive strategy. Don’t hesitate to move, since it may save your life and the lives of your loved ones. – JWR

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