Risk Mitigation in the Mid-2020s

Looking at the manifold threats facing the world in late 2023, as an American citizen I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. In a nutshell, these threats include:

  • The threat of regional or world war, stemming from the Iraq, Ukraine, or Taiwan conflicts.
  • Out-of-control government spending and indebtedness.
  • Corruption at all levels of government.
  • Federal agencies running roughshod over our constitutional rights.
  • Selective and vindictive prosecutions driven by politics.
  • High inflation and an increasingly unaffordable cost of living and healthcare.
  • Urbanization and over-complication of supply chains.
  • Malinvestment and misallocation of government spending.
  • Chronic homelessness and growing encampments.
  • Uncompensated Federal mandates on state governments.
  • New restrictions on gun ownership.
  • Enforced vaccination with largely untested mRNA injections.
  • Military organizations that are neutered by political correctness.
  • A fiat U.S. Dollar that is losing its dominance in world trade.
  • A doddering, senile, reality-detached, and perverted president who is controlled and scripted by his handlers.
  • The deepening divide between urban and rural states.
  • Unprotected national power grids that are vulnerable to physical attack, hackers, solar flares, and EMP strikes.
  • The ongoing culture war, with both the mass media and academia siding with the woke, leftist, and largely homosexual agenda.
  • The marginalization of traditional American culture, Christianity and the nuclear family unit.
  • Rapidly increasing consumer debt.
  • Political parties with indistinguishable agendas.
  • Politically-driven green energy conversion.
  • Out-of-control urban crime.
  • Cancel culture: Social credit scores, de-banking, de-listing, de-ranking, and swatting.
  • Censorship driven by private interest groups.
  • Rampant drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Propaganda.
  • The rise of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Loss of election integrity.
  • Obesity, poor diets, and a decline in meaningful exercise.
  • Social media obsession/addiction.
  • Declining soils and food quality.
  • Depleted aquifers.
  • Uncontrolled illegal immigration.
  • Schools that no longer strive for academic excellence but instead occupy countless hours preaching woke leftism.
  • The push toward digital currencies.

And that is just a cursory list!

Vote With Your Feet

I must remind my readers that these many problems will not be solved within our lifetimes.  If anything, given the nature of modern government and technocracy, these problems will only get worse. Therefore, the only effective risk mitigation for individual American families will be via relocation to lightly populated self-sufficient regions that are more conservative.  In short: It is high time to vote with your feet!

Please prayerfully consider relocating your family, as soon as possible. Do so while mortgage interest rates are still affordable. Urban land values will decline, while rural land values will increase. If you wait too long, then you will essentially be trapped by a property and mortgage affordability gap. – JWR