Letter Re: Canning Jar Questions

Good evening, Hugh, Your wife has posted a couple of articles indicating your family uses an industrial vacuum pump for vacuum sealing canning jars; do you have any recommendations on vacuum pumps for this task? How many inches of mercury do you regularly pull on canning jars? I’ve seen a … Continue reading

Prepping For A Five Star EOTWAWKI Experience- Part 2, by T.H.

Oils Oils are another important culinary product to pay attention to. To start, I want to address one issue with oils– they will turn rancid. They don’t store a long long time before this happens; a few months is enough in the wrong conditions. That being said, rancid oil is … Continue reading

Prepping for a Five Star EOTWAWKI Experience- Part 1, by T.H.

Prepping for the apocalypse, whatever its form, is an important task. Depending on how the Schumer hits the fan, it may be necessary to have 20, 30, or more years of supplies laid up for you and your family. The easiest and most cost effective way of doing this is … Continue reading

Letter Re: Keeping Preps Cool Naturally In Hot Climates With No Basements And High Water Tables

Even in very hot climates, below ground soil temperatures can be cooler than an air-conditioned house or garage. When you have a house on a slab, and dug root cellars are impossible because of high water table levels, you can still “build up” by putting in an earth berm and … Continue reading

Bugout Apple Pie, by Sarah Latimer

Back in October, during part of the time we were away from SurvivalBlog, we were practicing our bug out scenario with a group of folks we might join in a TEOTWAWKI situation. We took our vehicle with camp stove, tent, and significant equipment, but we also took the minimal equipment … Continue reading

Letter Re: Using a Food Slicing Mandoline

Dear Editor: I bought the food slicing mandoline recommended in the article on the topic of food dehydrating: “So Tell Me Again…”- Part 2, by M.P. the very morning the article appeared and have used it frequently ever since. I’ve used it primarily for making sauerkraut and other pickled vegetables … Continue reading

Roses Are Red and Healthful Too, by Sarah Latimer

We have had beautiful fall weather. However, my flower gardens are pretty well gone, as the brisk, cold fall winds blow and leave only a few dried flowers, seeds, and various remains to remind me of the brilliant colors that once adorned our property earlier in the year. If asked … Continue reading

Gastroparesis and Stomach Conditions in TEOTWAWKI, by APS

Disclaimer: Gastroparesis is a serious medical condition where the stomach shuts down or severely slows down. The Vagus Nerve to the stomach has been damaged or does not work properly. Seek immediate professional help and assistance from your doctor or pediatrician as soon as possible. There are a couple of … Continue reading

Letter Re: Protein Sustainability

Hugh, I would like to offer some additional information about Aquaponics. There are numerous articles available here on SurvivalBlog about this subject, even a Category for it. So this is info in addition to what’s already here. As mentioned, one of the main potential problems is pumping water around the … Continue reading