Another Letter from John in Iraq–Re: RPGs and the Recent Iraqi Elections

Hi Sir,
Sorry I haven’t been writing much. Since the elections my schedule’s been a bit out of kilter.

Speaking of the elections… My platoon was guarding a polling place the week leading up to the big day. I hear it was a success elsewhere, but here in scenic Ar Ramadi it was a bust. My polling station received three voters, one of whom was disqualified as a raving lunatic who just wandered in. AFAIK ~200 people voted here, with ~190 of ’em being the Shiite poll workers who don’t live here. This city just loves Saddam. I hope they execute him soon; maybe they’d get the idea he isn’t coming back.

Did finally see a little action. Guy took a potshot at my truck with an RPG. Went about a foot and a half high. They use a technique called “turkey peeking” where they pop out from around a corner, shoot more or less without aiming, then de-*ss the AO as fast as they can. They’re far more concerned with getting away than with hitting us. Usually. The genius who took the poke at us stuck his head back around the corner and got a burst of .50 cal through the building for his trouble. I miss the ~1500 rounds we had with the 240, but Ma Deuce has her charms. Oh, and the M240G is a medium MG, not light as you indicated when I wrote in awhile back. The M249 SAW is the LMG of the family. [Sorry, that was my mistake. When you wrote M240 I was thinking M249. I just went back and corrected that.- JWR]

Getting behind on the Bible study I’ve been doing with my wife. Discouraging. On the plus side, I met another Christian! It’s funny, I found out he’s a believer after he saw the article I’m working on to submit to your writing contest. We got to talking; turns out he’s a survivalist too!

Better sign off for now. Haven’t been able to call the little woman for too long, and a phone just opened up. Keep up the good work, and God bless. – John