Smallpox? – Managing a Serious Possibility, by SwampFox

Author’s Intoductory Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and am not prescribing anything to anyone. Seek out appropriate advice and medical treatment from your own medical professional.

Covid-19 has been unpleasant for many reasons. However, it is not particularly lethal. It is interesting to notice that in the midst of so many restrictions and social changes, the Biden administration has promised us a couple of things: A “Dark Winter” and the “Next Pandemic.” Bill Gates has also called Covid19 the “first pandemic” and has proposed that society should prepare for “Pandemic 2.” How prepared are you for something worse? And do you have any idea what that will be?

I don’t have a medical background. However, my mother is a retired physician. Together, we have been preparing for various pandemic possibilities over the last 20 years, including SARS, H1N1 flu, H5N1 flu, Ebola, and Covid19. This article is the result of some recent, timely discussions. I’m sure that we are not alone in thinking about this issue, and noticing the trends in current events and attitudes.

So, I present a likely candidate for the next pandemic: Smallpox. Take a look at the following timeline:

06/22/2001- The Center for Strategic and International Studies along with Johns Hopkins and
ANSER simulated a widespread smallpox bioterrorist attack on the US called “Dark Winter”
(note the name!) They did this simulation in spite of the fact that smallpox was
considered eradicated from the world as of 1980.
01/14/2005- “Atlantic Storm” a bioterrorism war game was held in Washington, D.C. In this
scenario smallpox was released in Los Angeles, New York City, and 5 other world cities.
09/04/2007- The FDA approved a new smallpox vaccination due to their concern of potential fatality
rates of above 25%. This vaccine has not been without adverse side effects in our military.
07/01/2014- Six vials of smallpox were discovered in a cardboard box at the National Institute of Health.
This was a startling surprise as the only samples thought to exist were held in two
locations, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Russia’s Vector Institute.
11/14/2014- Bill Gates funded the development of antiviral brincidofovir to treat ebola. (This
same drug was later approved in June 2021 to treat smallpox.)
03/02/2017- David Evans, a professor at University of Alberta, Canada, synthesized an extinct horsepox
virus (similar to smallpox) in his lab. This proved the concept that smallpox could be
recreated for minimal cost by either state or non-state actors without access to existing
smallpox virus samples.
10/10/2017- Johns Hopkins’ Center for Health Security completed a “SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”
07/13/2018- The FDA approved antiviral tecovirimat aka TPOXX for the treatment of smallpox.
09/10/2018- Contracts were signed to provide and maintain a supply of 1.7 million courses of TPOXX in
the US National Stockpile. Another round of contracts was signed 09/03/2019
09/24/2019- The FDA approved a live vaccine against smallpox and monkeypox.
06/25/2020- $32 million was allotted to supply TPOXX to the US Health and Human Services.
06/04/2021- The FDA approved brincidofovir for the treatment of smallpox. This drug development
was funded by Bill Gates and Wellcome Trust in 2014.
09/13/2021- Eric Lander, Biden’s science advisor and director of the Office of Science and Technology
stated in an interview, “The next pandemic will likely be substantially different than Covid,
and so the U.S. government must prepare now to deal with any future viral threat.” The
White House subsequently released a 27-page paper outlining the expectation that
pandemics will occur with increasing frequency and severity.
10/31/2021- President Biden signed an executive order detailing federal control over the
National Defense Stockpile.
11/09/2021- Bill Gates warned of possible smallpox bioterrorist attacks such as at ten US
11/16/2021- Several vials of smallpox(?) were discovered at an unsecured Merck lab in
Pennsylvania. The CDC took possession of this alarming cache and later stated that
the vials only contained the viral materials used to make the smallpox vaccine and
not the virulent virus itself.
11/22/2021- Dr. Zev Zelenko, M.D., a physician who treats covid patients expressed concern that
bioterrorism may be used to depopulate the earth and stated that covid was “war
gamed” before it became a pandemic. (Internet search “Event 201” October 2019.)

Dr. Zelenko encouraged people to optimize their immune systems by utilizing certain
supplements in order to decrease viral replication. He also discussed a historical
Native American smallpox remedy which will be discussed in detail.

History and Symptoms of Smallpox

If you are interested in the history of pandemics and wish to learn more about the myriad types,
I refer you to “Comprehensive Review of Bioterrorism” by Rathish et al. I will limit discussion in the next few paragraphs to smallpox aka Variola major. It is a disease that spread during the Crusades and along trade routes and also ravaged native peoples in the Americas, Australia, and the Pacific islands. During the French and Indian War, smallpox contaminated blankets were used to decrease the population of Native American tribes opposed to the British military.

The CDC labels this disease as a Class A organism because of transmission from human to human via respiratory droplets, pustules and scabs, contaminated objects such as clothing, via ventilation systems, or aerosol bioterrorism. After exposure, flu-like symptoms plus a high fever develop in approximately 10 to 14 days with tell-tale skin lesions appearing a day or two later. These flat red spots evolve into pustules which scab over and later drop off leaving deep pitted scars in 60 to 80% of survivors especially on the face and limbs. The person is contagious from the time that lesions appear in the oropharynx (mouth and throat) until the last scab falls off. Some survivors (1 to 4%) are also left blind.

A person is most likely to contract it by prolonged exposure to respiratory secretions. Of course, the usual pattern of illness might change if the virus has been lab manipulated to an even more deadly form. If exposed to the usual virus, the illness may be lessened or avoided if vaccination is performed within four days. I wouldn’t hold my breath, hoping to get vaccinated in time from the probably inadequate supply in the National Defense Stockpile. At least, I know that I won’t be considered nearly important enough to receive a vaccination nor to be administered an effective antiviral currently under restricted federal control. 1.7 million treatment courses in their holdings divided among 331+ million Americans isn’t encouraging – and that’s if you even want to trust their drugs at all!

The Treatment of Viral Scourges

What can average citizens do to increase the odds of survival for themselves and their loved ones?
First, isolate yourselves in a serious pandemic if possible. Figure out in advance where you will weather it out and how long you think you can last on your own. Consider that a disease like smallpox is considerably more transmissible than Covid19. According to official sources, the “secondary attack rate” of Covid19 within households is approximately 16%. For smallpox, that rate is 60%.

Second, optimize your health! Benjamin Franklin would advise that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Note, however, that specific immune-boosting recommendations are listed by Dr. Zev Zelenko in his covid protocol and also by the FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance).

Note: Again, I am not a medical professional and am not prescribing to anyone. This is not meant to be a discussion of whether to get vaccinated or not against Covid. Even some of the people who have been vaccinated fall ill later with covid and could use some knowledge of how to treat viral illnesses.

Suggestions include specific dosages of vitamin D3, vitamin C, and curcumin. Other nutritional agents include n-acetyl cysteine, nigella sativa, EGCG or quercetin, zinc, raw honey, and melatonin. Some of these measures can be helpful in preventing other diseases. I encourage you to visit the websites for yourselves if you haven’t done so already. The FLCCC also lists nitazoxamide as a treatment for covid. *This is a drug which also inhibits the replication of vaccinia.* Vaccinia is the viral source used for the development of the smallpox vaccine and also for testing effectiveness of anti-smallpox drugs. It is closely related to cowpox. Nitazoxamide is listed as having broad antiviral effects against Ebola, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), influenza, hepatitis B & C, and other viruses.
This article states that nitazoxamide may prove useful in combating smallpox.

Nitazoxamide is very expensive if purchased in the U.S., but this and other expensive or difficult-to-obtain drugs are apparently available from pharmacies in foreign countries. Beware of fake knock-offs and rip-off businessmen. Indiamart is supposed to be a site where pharmaceuticals can be obtained. Deal with them or anyone else at your own risk.  Do not consider this a recommendation.

The Purple Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia Purpurea

In an interview on November 21, 2021, Dr. Zev Zelenko discussed the purple pitcher plant aka Sarracenia purpurea which is a carnivorous plant whose root was used as a smallpox cure by Native Americans. It was recorded as such a remedy in the medical journal “Lancet” back in the 1860s. A study in 2012 showed that in vitro (ie test tube experiments as opposed to “in vivo” in living organisms) it inhibited early viral replication of vaccinia. Perhaps a tincture of this plant may be therapeutic today for smallpox?

Note: Again, I am not a medical professional and am not prescribing to anyone.

As a historical note of interest, Native Americans in the northeast and Great Lakes regions utilized this plant because it has red spots similar to smallpox lesions and the theory (now known to be erroneous) was that a plant indicated its usefulness as a cure by displaying similarities to the disease.

I’ve read about how to grow this plant and was discouraged by its rather picky requirements. It is a bog plant that needs constant moisture, specific planting media of sphagnum moss and or peat moss, sand, or perlite, and requires watering with distilled water or rainwater because minerals will kill it. I’ve concluded it is too delicate for me to attempt growing it. If someone intends to grow it, you would most likely be successful growing it indoors where you can tailor the light, temperature, and humidity levels to suit the needs of this plant. Be aware that if you desire to grow the plant yourself and create your own tinctures, you may be unable to determine the strength of the tincture (and thus, its usefulness could be questionable).

For the rest of us, there are sources online that sell tinctures of it. It is my understanding that tinctures have a shelf life of about two years and sometimes as long as five years. Consider doing your own research if interested in obtaining some of this tincture.


As wise, free-thinking human beings, we owe it to ourselves to ask some serious questions immediately. Why is the federal government devoting so much time, money, and effort to a disease that was supposedly eradicated 40 years ago? Isn’t it suspicious that the elite are talking about it so frequently? If Covid19 was tremendously useful to the establishment, wouldn’t a more lethal virus serve their interests even more? And, for people of faith, how does a potential pandemic match the events described in the Book of Revelation?
At the end of this article, I have included a list of thirty-four of the resources that I’ve utilized.

The “Comprehensive Review of Bioterrorism” discusses an impressive, scary, and vast variety of organisms that evil people could employ to gain power, dramatically decrease the world population, or for whatever nefarious reason they might have. Plagues of many types have ravaged the people of the earth in the past, and it could well happen again with or without the assistance, planning, and manipulation by malevolent powers.

Do not lose sight of the fact that we should not live in fear or in prolonged isolation as it weakens us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Stay strong, and rejoice! For those of us who believe, these events are foretold in the Book of Revelation. The struggle is only temporary, and evil does NOT win! In Luke 21:28 we are instructed, “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”


Hickson SE, Margineantu D, Hockenbery DM, Simon JA, Geballe AP. 2018. Inhibition of vaccinia virus replication by nitazoxanideVirology 518:398—405.