Your New Normal, by SaraSue

Once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never unsee them. In other words, once your eyes are opened to manipulations, you can’t not see them. When you see them, trust, if given, is retracted, taken back, lost. If a thing is found to no longer be genuine, and it is no longer what it was promised to be, you feel tricked. Trust lost is much harder to earn back than trust never given in the first place. I did, at one time, when I was blissfully unaware of politics, “trust the government”. I do not anymore and that has had a profound effect on how I live my life. Yes, I was once very naive. But, I will say this in my defense, the government has never been so corrupt as it is now.

I’m not going to fill space listing all the traitorous things our government has done because it would fill a library or two or three. I’m sure everyone reading here has had some sort of disagreement with the government, perhaps over taxes owed? Maybe it was about who owns your land, that was handed down over generations? Maybe it was or is about the water you pump out of the ground on your land to satisfy the needs of your family and livestock? Taxes, property and water rights, what you’re allowed to buy, or sell, where you can travel and in what mode of transportation, what you eat, how and where you worship, what constitutes medical care, how you raise and teach your own children, etc., somehow has the fingerprints of the government all over it. Is this even America anymore – land of the free and home of the brave?

Many still have their heads in the sand and they’ll do just about whatever they’re told to do just to have some semblance of comfort and normalcy. They absolutely will take an untested substance into their bodies so they can take that Hawaiian vacation. Even really good people, who are not selfish in any way, believe that they should be obedient to government in order to do more good things. What they aren’t thinking about is that compliance with unholy mandates is not actually a sacrifice for a good cause. It is submission to an unholy power. I’ve seen a lot of devout people bow down to the government because they want to “do the right thing”, or alternatively, because their way of life has been threatened. In reality, they are merely submitting because it makes life easier to go along than to shovel against the tide. Although, I do not doubt their sincerity! They just haven’t seen the puppet strings yet, or they don’t want to.

Whatever one’s reasons for embracing a New Normal, the loss of trust in our government as a whole has caused me to embrace a completely different lifestyle than what I had. Any entity that is in partnership with the government, or in cahoots as they say, has also lost my trust. So-called “healthcare” is a prime example. As a result, I can see how runaway inflation is pure manipulation and due to terrible policies. I can see how the substandard goods we receive from foreign countries, that break down or have to be replaced in a very short period of time, are just part of a larger enrichment scheme devised by The Powers That Be (TPTB). Even our clothing, unless we go way out of our way to find quality made and very expensive clothing, frays, rips, and degrades faster than anything I’ve experienced. For cryin’ out loud! This once amazing country whose people manufactured the best of the best at an affordable price is a shadow of its former self.

I could rant on for pages and pages, but that’s not my point. I’m sure anyone in my age group can relate to the frustration of substandard products. Don’t get me started on “there’s no such thing as Customer Service anymore” – a whole other topic. My point is that rather than gripe, moan, groan, complain, and become a Bitter Betty, I changed my lifestyle so that dependence upon the government, is minimal.

Breaking Free

I’m sharing what I’ve done to develop and enjoy my New Normal. Tips to follow.

It is critical to cut off social media because they’re one giant psyop. Your brain processes even the messages you aren’t focusing on, not to mention the personal information the platform steals while you are using it. Even if you really like FaceBook for the Friend connections, you can do what we always used to do: call them or actually spend time with them in person. FaceBook is the biggest time sink! Do this, if you don’t believe me, keep track of how many minutes out of the day you interact with “social media”. Then, keep track of how many minutes you have real conversations with other human beings. Compare. Think about how much time you spend thinking about what you saw on social media. I know, it’s addictive! One statistic I read stated that users in the United States spent on average 2 hours and 3 minutes per day on social media. You can reclaim your life, your time, and your relationships by giving social media the boot. If you make your money using social media tools, it may be very difficult to disengage. If you can’t, then put rules in place for yourself about how the tools will be used for business purposes only and then think about what happens when the big EMP hits. Just saying, it’s worth a think.

Disengage from the daily “news” cycle. Although I find the memes on the latest outrages hilarious, I spend ten minutes in the early mornings reviewing “news” from alternative media, and then click, it’s off because farm chores start early. I’m mostly wanting to make sure we aren’t in WWIII. Some people get all their news from a computer platform, some from a phone app, some from the “nightly news” on TV (pick your channel). It doesn’t matter what the platform is. The “news” cycle is also a gigantic psyop and designed to influence your thinking and behavior. Journalism is mostly dead, so you’re not even getting any real news. It’s mostly garbage. As they say, garbage in, garbage out.

Try an experiment. Stay off of social media and turn off the news for one whole week. I can almost guarantee you that you will have withdrawals. Your mind will race. You will feel irritable and anxious. You might even have a hard time sleeping. It’s just like breaking any bad habit – it’s not fun.

While we’re at it, I think I should address “texting”. Texting, like e-mail, is good for simple things like “be there in 10!” It is absolutely terrible for having conversation. Firstly, it’s a shortened and incomplete way of communicating. Secondly, just like with e-mail, texting does not convey emotion, intention, mood, facial expressions, etc., not even with the help of emojis. I know someone that is great at this. If you send her a text, she will respond with a phone call. I know another person who will 100% ignore all text messages unless the spirit moves her to respond, and I mean that sarcastically, but it’s her way of controlling it. Some people will text incessantly all hours of the day and night and expect you to respond immediately. And, as with Facebook, all your texts belong to us! And, so do your pictures! Never in the history of the world, has the government had the ability to capture private conversations, information, and actual pictures of your private life so easily. In the least, never, ever text anything of importance. I am looking forward to the day when I have the guts to crush my iPhone beyond all recognition and send it to the local dumps.

A word about Hollywood – you don’t need them, not even Disney. Sorry kids. Kids need books and family interaction more than anything else. They need to run and play and breathe fresh air. And that’s all I’ll say about that because it’s an infuriating topic to me. The not-so-subliminal messaging coming out of Disney is beyond the pale. (A Goth fairy godmother?)

While you’re weaning yourself off the massive government-sponsored psyop, think about what wonderful, or not so wonderful things you are going to do with the extra hours each and every day. If you’re married, allocate that time to your spouse. Your relationship is the make it or break it foundation of family life – Kids come next, extended family, church, friends, and community after that. At least that’s how I’ve always prioritized relationships.

Lord knows we’re all tired! But, I can guarantee you that the exhaustion you are feeling is primarily coming from the witch’s brew being served to you daily from the Internet of Things. If you unplug, you will be amazed at how productive you can become. Maybe there are some chores that have been waiting for you for a long time. Maybe there are some people who think you’ve forgotten them. Own your time.

My Time and My Life

Now that we have broken the spell of the psyop, it takes time to get your head out of their space and back into your own space where it belongs. The “Collective” won’t appreciate you anymore now that you’re not under their sway. They absolutely hate free thinking, analytical, independent, people who don’t care what they think and are not easily manipulated. And they will call you names! But, you will be in your own world far away from their screeching and they will fade from view. Our mental health can make or break our physical health.

My “new normal” is not nearly as complicated as TPTB wanted it to be. I’m not huddled in front of a communication device, popping anxiety meds, shivering in fear at the latest “variant” psyop. I’m disassociated from it all by choice. I can watch the sunrise and the sunset in complete peace. My day is ordered how I see fit. My actions and behavior are directed according to my belief system and my free will. I’m not saying farm life is easy!! I’m not saying this ol’ body ain’t givin’ me trouble! I’m not saying I’ve got it all together! What I am saying is this: Your New Normal can be whatever you want it to be. Don’t give them an inch of you.

As I go about my preparations for TEOTWAWKI, I’m not hysterical. I’m matter of fact and practical about the fact that kingdoms come and kingdoms go. We may be in the last throes of the Republic. I do not know. I have a list, which was once based on JWR’s List of Lists. It is prioritized and budgeted. As I go along, practical items are checked off the list. I reference it often, so that it is seared into my mind. That way, when I’m out and about, and spy something at a thrift store that’s on my list, I’m not distracted by all the other useless stuff there.

I’ve stopped doing things like spending outrageous amounts of cash on things I consider useless. Hint: I consider big screen televisions, spa tubs, luxury vehicles, to be useless. Instead, 16-quart stainless steel stock pots, canning equipment, alternative heat, and lighting are vital. My home is not decorated to perfection. My car is paid off and I’m not about to replace it even though I’d love to have a big, beautiful, truck. Man, did I want to decorate this farmhouse for Christmas!! But, no. Farm infrastructure has the priority and I know Jesus doesn’t care about fancy decorations if He has my heart. Money will be going into things like t-posts, fencing, distribution of water, limited solar power, additional animal shelters, fruit trees, gardening supplies, animal feed, protection, a well-stocked pantry, etc. Things that will ensure a functioning farm into the future should the world go mad around me.

My New Normal is not what they planned for me. I reclaim my time.