Guest Article: Shooting Second Amendment Blanks- Part 1, by David M. Zuniga

With every real and false-flag shooting in this republic, statists and liberals re-kindle their heated attacks on “our rights under the 2nd Amendment”. The constant reversion back to that Amendment, instead of looking to the authority and duty we have under Article 1 of the Constitution, is a self-destructive habit. Led by gun organizations supposedly on our own side, we keep handing the gun-grabbers easy victories by simply not knowing the powers and duties of “We The People” that we codified in the Constitution.

Tactical Civics™ is a new way of life that can finally put full-spectrum popular sovereignty in the hands of every American who will accept that responsibility. If only half of 1% of the American people will take our duty and authority seriously, we turn the tables forever on Washington DC’s Deep State and collusive media.

Firearms Are Necessary But Not Sufficient

We The People are arming ourselves as never before.  That’s fine; but free republics and especially their rule of law are maintained by wisdom (including tactical wisdom), not primarily by force of arms.  Imagine: We The People, the sovereigns over the Constitution and the government we created and limited by that law, have never attempted to enforce the Constitution; not a single time.  Why start shooting lawless public servants when we haven’t taken the first law enforcement step yet?

Have you ever noticed that only criminal defense lawyers appeal to the Constitution, and the prosecution never does? That is because We The People never created a mechanism to enforce that highest law. As we stipulate in Amendment X, we retain the power to do it anytime we want. Tactical Civics™ is the only solution in the republic today designed for that purpose.

No mere armed citizens can perform this law enforcement mission, in total alignment with the Founding Fathers and our Constitution. To see the details of this new way of life, read the free 39-page eBook Tactical Civics™.

National Firearms Act of 1934 is Grossly Unconstitutional

We explained in a blog article entitled Support Our Troops? that We The People are the U.S. military according to the Constitution. It is grossly illegal for Congress, with the National Firearms Act of 1934, to have forced manufacturers and dealers to use the “military and law enforcement use only” designation for all the best firearms and equipment. There is no constitutional limit to the type, caliber, fire-control system, optics, et cetera of the arms that citizens can and should own.  That 1934 act forces tactical arms and equipment manufacturers to tip the scales against the constitutional citizen Militia demanded by Article I Section 8.

Today, millions of citizens argue with gun-grabbers who remain on the offensive with infringements on magazine capacity, barrel length, pistol grip stocks, bump stocks, noise suppressors, flash hiders, and fire control systems. We fell to this ludicrous position because we cower in the face of Congress’ 79-year-long violation of the Constitution. The military industry and local police departments side with their own career interests, against the People. It’s their careers against our duty and liberty!

Congress making any law infringing on the right of citizens to buy, build, repair, trade, sell, carry, and use military-grade weaponry for Militia use is precisely the situation the Second Amendment was meant to avoid.  But because We The People first abdicated our authority, power, and duty that we stipulate in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 and we refuse to make our state governments obey their duty that we stipulate in Clause 16, it is not a Second Amendment “rights” issue but an Article I law enforcement powers and duties issue.

Gun Rights Lobby Groups = Fear Porn Peddlers

Most of what I know on this subject I learned from Edwin Vieira, Jr— the leading authority on the history and law surrounding American Militia and the U.S. Dollar. Some of his blog articles are found here, and a few of his many books are here and elsewhere on Amazon. Teaching Americans to get the Constitution straight has for many years been the mission of Dr. Vieira of Virginia (and also of Daniel Vincent McGonigle III of Massachusetts, and of Jon Roland and Nicholas Landholdt of Texas).


Had it wanted to, the NRA could easily have restored constitutional Militia anytime over its 146-year existence; but it refuses to do so. As Adam Winkler explains in his book Gun Fight, the NRA was a gun control organization before it became a “gun rights” lobby group. The ancient, self-serving behemoth institution with its huge headquarters and careerist staff first creates “crises” in DC and then pretends to quell them. Actually, NRA is only playing footsies on The Hill.

Mammoth Industry

As we explain in the article Kick Your Fear Porn Habit, every non-profit and conservative talker is part of a mammoth industry that is far more active on the Right than on the Left, but both sides have players in the industry. Fear Porn raises billions in tax-exempt donations and advertising revenues each year. If you think they are actually trying to solve the problems they daily complain about, you don’t understand the revenue model: feed a regular stream of “crises” to keep the reader/member/donor/listener coming back for more.

The brain’s limbic system is the target for pornography, horror movies, violent sports, and murder mysteries featuring execrable villains. As they daily exercise their followers’ limbic system of the brain with doses of fear and anger, they create addicts; and addicts come back daily. Advertiser revenues, product sales revenues, and donation revenues rise.

This is why the NRA will never solve the crises; if the problems are ever solved, the “victims” stop giving. Rush Limbaugh has spun this along for 30 years, but the NRA has done so for over 146 years. I was an NRA member for decades; the only thing it has never been is an effort to restore the sovereign States’ Militias as stipulated by We The People in the Constitution.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America is no better than the NRA; it has never reversed the ratchet, either. At best, it pays lip service to Militia. It does not even frame the enemy in the right terms; notice this GOA bumper sticker sending exactly the NRA “gun rights” message…

A Right?  In the U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 15, We The People stipulate that “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions” is the duty and the power of the Citizen Militia. No police forces, sheriffs, or standing army are stipulated in the law, but the Citizen Militia’s power and duty is law enforcement— especially enforcing the Constitution itself against organized crime in our legislatures! — riot control (against thugs in Antifa, neo-Nazi and Black Lives Matter hordes), and border security against the current invading hordes of Muslims and Latin American gang-bangers and welfare queens.

The Basic Civics

Dr. Vieira’s book Thirteen Words is the best explanation of the Second Amendment, but my point is, forget Amendment 2 “rights” until you first exercise our Article 1 power and duty!

In the first three words of the Constitution, We The People stipulate that we’re the highest power in government, creating it. In the Tenth Amendment, We The People stipulate that we retain every imaginable power for ourselves and only grant our servants the powers we enumerate.  In Article I Section 8 we gave them only 17 powers that standardize our public services, such as mail service, coining gold and silver money, copyrights, naturalization laws, et cetera.

Our arrogant servants puffed themselves up as we sat by and watched for five generations. They arrogated hundreds of illegal powers to themselves over the past 150 years.  So now the best we can do instead of law enforcement is to beg our crooked employees for rights?

Partial List of Our Servants’ Felonies

Our servants in the U.S. Congress now take it on themselves almost weekly to attack the retained sovereign powers of We The People and these sovereign States.  Every member of both houses took a solemn oath, then violates it on a regular basis.  Every member is constructively— even if only by ignorance or professional negligence— violating the Constitution with respect to infants’ right to life and our stipulations for lawful money, honest banking, the very limited land that federal government can claim or use, and our stipulation of a well-trained Militia of the Several States.

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  1. While I agree with this article, I also believe we are past the point of no return in terms of gaining our rights back. There is no candidate who would fully embrace the Constitution and there is no organization who will support and/or fund such a candidate. Consequently, the people in general have taken to a defensive posture and armed themselves to the best of their ability.

    Every attempt to unify the people through militia has been trodden on by government and militia in general demonized as some anti-government rebel group.

    Ultimately, it will come to armed rebellion or war with another country to upset the current balance. We have given this country over to idiots, liars, crooks and thieves…who have run it into the ground and turned the rest of the world against us.

    When you add a complicit judicial system, who laughs when a citizen expresses his right to not pay illegal income taxes or attempts to use the Constitution as a defense, you end up with nothing more than a corrupt system where wage earners are slaves to the government and the welfare state its beloved children.

    1. Randy, if you think armed rebellion is the best course, then eventually you may face the constitutional Militia, which has the authority and duty to “suppress Insurrections”. I know, I know: you think there will never again BE a constitutional Militia in these states…and with your defeatist attitude, it may be true. Download and read the little booklet. We explain how the duly-constituted (following the Constitution) Militia in close alliance with the informed, supplied, supported Grand Jury can turn the tables in American history against the bad guys.

      You need to be willing to fight smart, for the rest of your life. It’s a LAW ENFORCEMENT duty; not majoritarian politics. Please read the 39-page booklet. If you have questions, we’ll sure answer them. Right now, we’re asking folks to stand as founder for their county chapter, read the materials, and pass the word to other counties.

      Popular sovereignty is the law; set out from the opening words of the Constitution. Those who want to take they cynical, resigned position that I saw all my life (well, 47 years) in the Mexican people when I lived on the border…those cynical, resigned folks are playing on the side of the enemy, no matter how angry they may be.

      Don’t go there, brother. Read the booklet, and let’s talk.

  2. Your absolutely right. The Supreme Court and Congress have turned our Bill of RIGHTS into a Bill of CONVENIENT PRIVILEGES. A right CANNOT BE REGULATED, PERIOD.

    1. Wells, go to your search engine, type in ‘Original parchment Bill of Rights’ and zoom in to confirm that the first right in the original Bill of Rights was small congressional districts. It was so important to the founders that it was the FIRST article in the Bill of Rights, and the longest, and the ONLY subject on which George Washington saw fit to stand and address the four-month-long 1787 convention!

      Small districts is the ONLY one of the 12 rights yet to be fully ratified; but 11 states have ratified so we need 27 more. At TACTICAL CIVICS™ that’s our first major action item. When we finish that ratification (it will become the 28th Amendment), California will have 783 congressmen instead of 53. For the first time in a century, all the conservative California towns and counties that have been steamrolled by the big cities, will now have their own representative, and elector in the US Electoral College! The US Map will become much, MUCH redder (look up the 2016 precinct-level election map prepared by Ryne Rohla) and many of the wars in California will turn at last.

      Same thing in New York state, always driven by NYC…no longer! Same thing for Oregon and Washington state with their east/west demographic splits. Same for Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, and many other states.

      Here’s a 12-page PDF booklet, ‘Our First Right Now’, explaining how the amendment got “lost” (fraud by one man, then political foot-dragging by CT) and how we hope to get this done…

  3. It’s about time ‘someone’ Spoke up. Thanks David. Now what do We the People do about the very firmly entrenched government that we are paying? Yes, I vote. but what good does my one vote count against the crooked political machine we live under? They work for us but it seems that we are working for them. We pay them and they put their collective foot on our necks and demand more and more. Yes, I write my congressmen and representatives but what gets done. More laws passed to keep We the People’s heads firmly pressed down into the mud of our own making.

    1. ‘Dataware’, you’re welcome.

      First, read our website home page; at the bottom it explains how to sign up to launch your county chapter of TACTICAL CIVICS™.

      When you volunteer to take your county (all we ask for the first year is that you learn the civics, and recruit one other chapter founder each month until we have all 3,142 counties spoken for) we will send you a packet of PDF materials including booklets, flyers, and business cards so you can spread the good news.

      One of the PDFs in that packet is the 39-page booklet, ‘Tactical Civics’, which you can buy in hardcopy at Amazon or download in PDF for free here:

  4. awesome thank you again for teaching, mentoring, and keeping us Americans moving forward, even, when we do the one step forward and two steps backwards. There is always Hope in keeping the USA, a free Nation that believes in God. As my old BN CO used to say “Onward and Upward, don’t look back. I have all your books, Thanks James and Latimer

    1. Excellent. When are you going to stand up for your county? Let’s DO this! Since my first book in 2010 I’ve maintained that we’re living in the BEST time in American history (then in my books, I provide evidence for my contention).

  5. Unfortunately, We The People, have become too stupid, thanks to our corrupt educational system, to govern ourselves. We are no longer taught history, civics, economics or even cursive writing. How can you read original documents (written in cursive) if you don’t know cursive? That coupled with being too lazy, we have turned over OUR responsibility to a bunch of corrupt thugs. Undoing all of this starts with education and that will take decades if even possible. The Republic is in deep trouble as we are already way down the slippery slope.

    1. Does that mean you’re expatriating? If not, let’s talk about how we take responsibility instead of complaining. Your observations are 100% true, but complaining only exacerbates the problem.

      Our mission requires that just one in every 200 Americans will take responsibility. Are you that one in 200? You obviously know better than the sheep; will you be a sheepdog? If so, contact us.

  6. Your rights are gone, and America with its debt, perversity, and socialism is finished. The best you can do is leave, and quietly find a place in South America where you can live cheaply, and be left alone. There is no war to win, and no country to reclaim…sorry to burst your bubble.

      1. Had farm for 15 years, self sufficient and safe from interference. A nation of sheep has no hope when the wolves come. They will have their lists, go door to door, and confiscate your weapons, or freeze your bank accounts if you claim to no longer have them. Get a place where you can get out then the time comes, before it is too late. Your fantasies about Patrick Henry and fighting the government are stupid. Either you shut up and become one of the sheep, or you leave…there is no alternative.

  7. Mr. Zuniga,
    While I don’t disagree with the premise of your argument or the validity of your Constitutional research, I must admit I find myself conflicted by some of your statements in this article and other writings to which you linked. Were it not for your appearance on the Alex Jones show four years ago I would not have known that you or your organization even exists. I can’t help but feel slightly offended that you would equate my interest in alternative news sites to the same bio-chemical lust for pornography. You make quite the leap to bite the hand that once fed you. I couldn’t help but notice that the same tactics you decry in your article as being used by these “fear porn” sites(free e-books, request for donations, etc.) are also found on the “AmericaAgain!” website.

    That being said, while I do applaud your efforts to educate and inform, I believe we have reached a point of saturation. At what point do you, I, and others like us, resemble someone on the deck of the Titanic repeating the obvious: “You know we’re sinking, right?” Preaching to the choir may make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, but at some point drastic measures will need to be taken regardless of how uncomfortable that may be.

    While I could never be as eloquent as your mentor Edwin Vieira Jr. in his recent article “Supreme Court, The 2nd Amendment and the NRA”, I have essentially reached the same conclusion: we have now reached a level of diminishing returns in our efforts to persuade those that have no interest in being persuaded. To reference one of your own arguments, it was a gathering of swords that forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. I believe that at some point in the future it will take nothing less than a modern gathering of swords to overcome the tyranny that enslaves us.

    God Bless

    1. D.D., the ‘biochemical lust’ for titillating nonsense is self-evident all over the Internet; if you take that as a personal offense, I’m befuddled.

      People either have goodwill or not. I walked into Alex Jones’ studio because I was invited. Once they saw what we planned, I was not only never invited back, but the people on Alex’s staff with whom I had been fast friends before, blocked me on Facebook and stopped returning emails, phone calls, etc. That is either bizarre, or it is confirmation of my article, ‘Kick Your Fear Porn Habit’.

      I (daily) share your frustration about American retrogression, but having grown up in Laredo (on the Mexico border) and hearing cynics all my life, I’ll be damned if I acquiesce into cynicism or stand by as Americans go that way.

      The same resignation is evident in most Russians, Italians, Spaniards, Venezuelans…you name it. The difference in America is our SUPREME LAW.

      Whatever you may say, brother: that law stands. I have shown (as I showed Alex Jones) that with less than half of 1% of our population taking responsibility, we will have a surfeit. Law enforcement with this mechanism (read chapters 4 & 5 of the booklet, ‘Tactical Civics’) is not at all the same as electoral politics. We don’t need majorities.

      In every country and era, the vast majority of people are like sheep, not sheepdogs. You don’t need 51 sheepdogs to lead and defend a flock of 50 sheep. We calculate that if we win over just in in every crowd of 200, it will be optimal.

  8. If we so-called ‘patriots’ did not take the offensive on New Years Eve 2011 when the Republican’s NDAA shredded our Bill of Rights then we never will.

    Even here in Northwest Montana ‘patriots’ still don’t get it. We talk ad nauseam of political solutions and cling to evil Republicans. We remain blind to the fact that a whopping 190 out of 233 House Republicans and 44 out of 47 Senate Republicans voted for the NDAA. And now Trump is going to MAGA. We ‘patriots’ are fools.

  9. I read the article and all the comments. I think the biggest reason we are losing our rights is because nobody seems to actually know where those rights come from. I saw not one mention of the source of our rights.

    Does anyone here know where our rights come from?

    1. @ Maddog re: Where Do Our Rights Come From?

      Our Rights are a manifestation of our existence as human beings. We enjoy them simply because we ARE.

      If you’r a religious person you identify them as coming from God, our Creator: Integral, fundamental and essential to our condition of being His work.

      If you have a more secular view, you recognize them as part and parcel of our nature as sentient and self-aware beings.

      In either case, they are intrinsic to our nature. To survive and thrive as intelligent persons, we must be able to protect and defend our lives and bloodlines, pursue our talents and interests, benefit from our work, manipulate and preserve our resources and interact with other intelligent beings on terms agreed to by all.

      Rights are also, as someone much wiser than I once wrote, inalienable. Just as they aren’t granted by any person or human agency, neither can they be taken or modified by humans. It doesn’t matter if its one person interfering with another or one group mobilizing “officials” to enforce by social, financial or physical violence their will against others.

      When it comes to the unavoidable and inevitable conflicts that will arise between human beings, Thomas Jefferson put it best in his concept of Rightful Liberty:

      “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

      Will Rodgers said it more simply:
      “You’re free to swing your fists as much as you want as long as you don’t connect with the end of my nose.”

      No person or agency needs to grant me my rights. I do not ask any to, nor do I accept any usurpation of them by any agency or individual. I take personal responsibility for honoring the Rightful Liberty of others and insist they return the behavior.

    2. Our rights — our very breath and heartbeat — comes from God, as does this entire cosmos.

      Having said that: as long as you mischaracterize massive, serial criminal operations of our servants as “losing our rights”, you’ll arrest no crimes at all.

  10. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus who is THE Christ, is the only place to turn! Wait upon the Lord, as He is coming to make our world right, and righteous!!


    1. My head is pledged to Jesus, who will indeed rule and reign over the New Earth.

      Until He comes, however, we are to occupy. I should think that includes performing the basic duties that WE establish for OURSELVES in our highest law?

      The problem I have with ‘End Times’ folks (my late mother was a whale at that tactic) is that evil is allowed to reign here on earth while false prophets keep predicting His return every few years for the past thousand years or so, and churchy people follow those false prophets like dead weight on civilization.

      I pray without ceasing. I look forward to eternity with you and our King, and all the saints who went before. But He may not come for another thousand years, in which case I have to answer for what I know, what I could do but fail to do. I’m not going there.


  11. I think people have an inflated sense of the NRA’s power, and it sounds like the author here might be one of those people.
    “Had it wanted to, the NRA could easily have restored constitutional Militia anytime over its 146-year existence; but it refuses to do so.”
    How, exactly? The NRA’s effectiveness comes from it’s recommendations on how to vote and it’s ability to scare politicians into recognizing this. Gun owners are motivated voters. So how would the NRA accomplish the feat suggested here? They aren’t lawmakers. Are they supposed to lead their members into an insurgent battle against the government? The NRA’s leaders would be arrested almost immediately. I’ve seen countless gun owners claim the NRA has mythical powers like this, but never once have I seen any of those people state how the NRA is supposed to exercise those powers. They can’t produce millions of pro gun voters out of thin air. They can’t force state legislators and Governors to do anything if they don’t have the votes as teeth to the threat. Look at California. The state government there isn’t afraid of the NRA. The NRA isn’t some omnipotent behemoth that could cure what ails us if only they’d exercise their will as this article suggests. Before the 1970’s, they didn’t even have a lobbying arm for crying out loud.
    That’s not to excuse the NRA from malfeasance, either. They’ve made plenty of errors. There is more they could do, for sure.
    Someone tell me, how does the NRA do what the author claims they have the ability to do?

    1. Dave, all I claimed in the article is that NRA has *avoided* attempting to help the American People restore our ‘Militias of the Several States’.

      In Chapter 4 of the booklet ‘Tactical Civics’, I explain how the People in every State have the legal standing, cause, and jurisdiction (see the preamble of the US Constitution, highest law in the republic) to demand and force the servants in their statehouse to obey the law stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 16.

      We The People stipulate in the highest law in this republic, that the state will appoint officers and provide for training for the Militia. Not one state is currently doing so, and no armed force created by Congress can simply be substituted for the Militia of the Several States!

      When we bring our ‘Executive Order Reinstating the Constitutional Militia’ to the governor with its companion ‘Militia Funding Act’, our governors and state legislators cannot simply blow us off. It’s the highest law in this republic, and they are violating it.

      Yes, it requires force of numbers, excellent brand presence and social media insertion, and many determined Americans.

      If you’re willing to stand for your county, let’s talk.

  12. Very well done! I would prefer that we don’t use the word “porn” though in everyday speech. Bringing it into the vernacular only desensitizes us to a very insidious evil which we should all loathe.

    Plus, I often share these articles with my children and would prefer not to have to go there…. :-0

    1. Sorry, Jake. The time for tickling ears is long past. When your kids ask, “Daddy, what’s porn?” Just reply, “it’s bad stuff that people get addicted to”. See that second part? That’s 95% of the conservative talk and alternative media industries. The pathology needs to be known.

  13. The sad fact is the basic Rule of Law is dead in the US.
    Judges over-rule a sitting President over immigration executive orders, and in term if who served in the military.

    By any measure Hillary should be in prison for her treason for pay for play of the real Russian collusion and her Foundation.
    Stated and their cities are blatantly violating the Constitution with their sanctuary status ignoring Federal law. And some judge has stated the Federal cannot stop funding them.

    Anyway, as you can see, The Rule of Law is dead and even with the GOP in control of D.C. Nothing changes.

    Just believe in the true King and His return, Jesus Christ. His laws will not be violated.

    1. He said “Occupy until I come”, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to roll over for those who’ve killed 56 million tiny Americans, who subject millions more children to pornography in the classroom, who call gross perversion ‘marriage’, and so much more!

      “Jesus is coming; I’ll pray and watch until I die!” is not a viable option for me, thanks.

  14. As the Constitution of THESE united States identifies their source, our rights are Creator endowed. Our founding fathers established this as the guiding principle upon which the rest of the document was built. The scriptures to which they referred often also define how we are to live. The Holy Bible instructs us about the history of this world including events such as the great flood and the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. The way I see it, scripture is the ultimate prepper’s guide. We know that we must remain strong and steadfast and fight.

    Onward Christian Soldiers!


    Doc Raydio

    1. Doc, I beg to differ. Nowhere in the Constitution is mention made of God. You are thinking of the Declaration of Independence, which is an appeal to the LORD before all nations.

      Remember that by the time this present Constitution was penned in Philadelphia, the American colonies-cum-states had already established themselves by winning the war against their former government, had established constitutions and governments of their own — each of them.

      Not only that, but after they came together under Articles of Confederation and prior to this Constitution, the 13 States had already had 11 presidents and had established two primordial, pre-constitutional law-enforcement institutions: the Grand Jury and the Militia.

      As the late Justice Scalia said in his opinion for the majority in *U.S. v. Williams* (1992), the Constitution recognizes the Grand Jury as separate from, and prior to, the government we are establishing in the Constitution. When you are serving on Grand Jury, you (collectively) are the highest authority in the courthouse! Higher than the judge or DA or sheriff. But if there exists no Militia in your county, and if your Grand Jury has not arranged to work in close harmony with the Militia, then you will just have to suffer the corrupt sheriff, judge, or DA and there’s an end to it.

      In other words, We The People have work to do. “Onward Christian Soldiers!” still requires an answer to where, specifically, “onward” refers to. Your children and grandchildren deserve an answer better than, “I’m a-preppin’ and a-prayin'”. The criminals who presently serve themselves as they skim your payroll checks would love you to keep that attitude forever.

      Let’s get to work, folks. No amount of prepping can restore our rule of law; that requires a full-spectrum, long-term plan of work. First, it involves just saying, “Yes, I will take responsibility.”

      King Ethelred never saw it coming; nor did King John; nor did George III. By the grace of God, despite the whirl and din of any era, some days, the world just changes.

      This is such a day. Join us, and let’s rebuild this wall.

  15. a citizen based militia is pointless in this day and age. the power of the us military is hundreds of times that of any novice civilian group. who lack the firepower as well as training to successfully take over any part of the government. with stealth fighters and unmanned drones they could crush a rebellion like a handful of corn chips. unless anyone has an f4 phantom in their back yard ready to go I’m afraid the days of armed citizen revolt are in the past.

    1. The Taliban are a bunch of bearded, bronze-aged morons living in caves and using second hand Kalashnikovs, but they’ve held off all the might of the U.S. Military for years and and this point have our Generals admitting that we can’t win. My point? An organized military will always lose against an insurgency. Guerilla warfare will wear down even the mightiest army.

        1. That wasn’t where I was going with that, and I should have made that clear. My bad. I was just stressing the point that the sheer force of a large military is dashed against the efforts of a determined people.

      1. That is percisly how the American Revolution was won by a ragtag band of Rabble Rousers. General Washington was out gunned, out manned, out funded and even at times some could claim out of his mind. However, through continued harassment and small scrimmages staying away from big large scale battles taking up resources he didn’t have, it was finally declared victorious.

        However, once you move in that direction of an armed assault on governing authorities you will be a fugitive of the state the rest of your life (that’s why it’s important to be well stocked and off grid as that’s the first step in entering the fight). Just as Washington was and the Founding Fathers. They had to win for a large reason of them being hanged. But once they took that initial step to stop tyranny their entire lives were immediately committed to Liberty and with no other option.

        God bless.

    2. 1) Rebellion? My dear moose, if you think we’re suggesting rebellion, you didn’t read the article. Law enforcement is NOT rebellion!

      2) With our ‘Operation Restoration’, led by former US Marine and USAF Major Russell Wilmot of Alaska, we intend to have as many veterans as possible leading as founders of TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapters.

      3) Our model ‘Constitutional Militia Funding Act’ in the states stipulates that every citizen 18-64 who does not serve in their Militia will pay $80 annually to support those who do. We have done the calculations for most of the states and find the demographics almost identical. If 3% of the population 18-64 serves in Militia and the other 97% pay $80/yr, there will be sufficient funds to pay $50,000/yr to 10 officers/trainers per Militia unit, and about $170/mo to each militiaman for gasoline and ammo.

      Boy howdy…”armed citizen revolt”…in a pig’s eye. Stop poking at straw men!

    1. Apparently, you get your information about my positions from the same place Antifa gets theirs. If you’d actually read what I write (and say, on our podcast archives) you wouldn’t bad-mouth me.

      As for Rush, here’s the deal. He created a Trojan Horse industry of talkers, who daily put millions of Americans into a trance, believing that by listening to idiots rail away on the radio every day, they are somehow doing their part for popular sovereignty!

      It is precisely the opposite. Those who grow fat on advertising dollars while exercising your limbic system every day (fear and anger) while never providing solutions — are far more insidious enemies to our future, than the liberals and perverts whom we *recognize* as dangerous to America’s future.

      See it now? If not, go read the article once more with this in mind and it might come clear. I hold nothing personal against any rich guy in the entertainment business; I just think the industry he gave birth to, has created tens of millions more inert, paranoid couch potatoes.

    1. I did not suggest that GOA does not want to roll back gun control. My charge is that ‘gun control’ is a DIVERSION from every able-bodied American’s one DUTY that we place on ourselves in the whole Constitution: Militia will “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”.

      The diversion is arguing about my right to firearms, the second half of the Second Amendment, entirely ignoring the first half of that amendment, the NECESSITY of a well-regulated Militia. This is the only place in the entire law that asserts the NECESSITY of anything. It says the MILITIA is necessary for the security of a free State!

      See? I have a DUTY to enforce the law, control riots, and defend the borders by serving in my local Militia. But there aren’t any of those because for 146 years, the NRA has successfully had Americans fighting about guns and NEVER mentioning their DUTY to serve in Militia.

      See my point? The diversion is to make you fear that your ‘rights’ will be stolen, and never notice that you have a DUTY.

      Add to this mess the tattooed, black, clad, special hand-signaling, cursing, skull-emblazoned gang-banger ‘badasses’ calling themselves “the 3%” (which isn’t even accurate; about 15% of the colonists engaged in armed defense…

      This is the second major diversion from even *mentioning* the dreaded ‘militia’ word. The average American wants nothing to do with gang-bangers.

      Now add in a third tragic diversion from our duty: the well-intended but lawless, pointless Bundy-jumping debacles. After all that, who would WANT to consider his duty for Militia, eh?

  16. First of all the constitution does not require a militia . Read it

    Secondly what is this militia going to do ? The author is one of those people who says there is no mention of police in the constitution . So what? There is no mention of kiddie porn either but try and send it to someone and the FBI ( also not mentioned in the constitution )will have you in federal prison.

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