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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on anti-Redoubt journalists. (See the Region-Wide section, near the end of this column.)

Region-Wide (Anti-Redoubt Journalists):

A new article series just got started at the leftward leaning Sandpoint Reader: The American Redoubt Series: An Introduction. JWR’s Comments: They’ve promised to be objective. I’ll just wait and see how the series is handled. But it is probably not coincidental that they already juxtaposed a photo and text link to an article on the Ruby Ridge standoff. There is nothing like a little Guilt By Lack of Association. This is straight out of the SPLC playbook.

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And for even more strident bias, there is this, over at Buzzfeed: Welcome To Idaho: Now Go Home–Wackadoodles, Establishment Hacks, And The Big, Ugly, Local Battle For The Heart Of The GOP. JWR’s Comments: The author, Anne Helen Peterson, couldn’t even wait to get past the headline and the first subhead to make an insult and a mis-characterization. Her article is a none-too subtle smear, attempting to make conservatives and Redoubters look like racists. But her claims seem laughable, when you see that the article includes a photo of Alex Barron. He is one of the key pro-Redoubt leaders of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, and he is black. The American Redoubt movement is essentially color blind, just as every interest group in America should be. For the record:  I have much more in common with black Christians than I do with white Atheists or white New Age crystal fondlers.)


VERIFY: Is a potential Idaho Power rate increase linked to a surplus of renewable energy? (Thanks to Rich B. for the link.)

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I just heard about a fairly new manufacturing company in Dalton Gardens, Idaho. It is called Idaho Suppressor Company. They make great quality suppressors, primarily from titanium.
Their address is:
   6040 N. Government Way, Suite #101
  Dalton Gardens, Idaho 83815
   Telephone: (208) 772-3700



A little fun, Montana style: The Turkey Whisperer. (Thanks to T.P. for the link.)

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Obviously, judges and juries take some sinful behavior very seriously, in Montana: Great Falls man gets 60 years in prison for raping girl

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Chronic wasting disease found for first time in Montana deer

Eastern Oregon

Deadly day on often quiet stretch of Interstate 84


Eastern Washington

Readers in eastern Washington or North Idaho who want a custom-built AR rifle or pistol should check out Haynes and Sons Guns. Their prices are very reasonable but yet they use all top quality components.  They can build an AR to your detailed specifications. Presently, you can take full advantage of the recent decline in AR parts prices. Whether you do it yourself or “have it done”, I have a recommendation: Gather parts for your eventual AR builds now, while prices are low!  And as for buying complete black rifles? Something tells me that in just a few years we’ll look back on the current “Buyer’s Market” and say: “I should have bought a ton of them and stacked them like cordwood.” If you have the vault space, then that would be a wise thing to do.

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At the western edge of the Redoubt: North Cascades Highway closes for season due to snow. (This is a particularly early closure, this year.)

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I recently attended the Spokane Gun Show. While there, I met Matthew of Dermody of Hidden Success Tactical. He has many years of experience in making custom ghillie capes and weapons covers. His books on the subject are excellent. To placer a special order, call: (509) 768-0162, or e-mail:


Spirit Mountain Cave becomes another hole in the ground

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Imagine an 80-year winter: Researchers say Yellowstone volcano caused two cool periods

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  1. “FY: Is a potential Idaho Power rate increase linked to a surplus of renewable energy? ”
    YES………the people voted for mandated renewable COST MORE…looks as if on a bright day renewable can take care of the state.
    it cost more so they need to charge more…..
    they had…have…the best power in the country……..but they wanted solar and wind…looks as if they got their wish.
    SO idaho has pushed the power companies out of the power business and into the storage business and the cost will keep going up.

    in florida we are doing the same thing.
    we have given 30 and 25 year contracts for solar power for around 30 cents per KWH.
    the tree huggers feel real good.
    all the people that make solar power DO NOT USE ANY SOLAR POWER………..THEY PLUG INTO THE GRID
    and BUY power for around 10 cents per KWH

    AND WHEN GRID POWER goes out……these solar projects…can not sell any power….they also are not hooked up to use the solar power……….they also have NO WAY to STORE solar power

    if i bought potatos at 30 cents per pound and sold them for 10 cents per pound from only a few i could take the LOSS……BUT IF I PAY 30 CENTS PER POUND FOR all of my stock and can only sell them for 10 cents per pound………….where is that new math

    1. John,stop drinking the petroleum kool-aid. Solar and wind are one time investments without ongoing fuel costs and pollution(long run cheaper and more dependable-if the sun goes nova you don’t have any more problems). To say there is no way to store solar/wind energy is a total fallacy and is accomplished by any number of physical or chemical means(do you go out and hand crank your car to get it started? Do reservoirsfor hydroelectric dams work? Just 2 examples of systems already in use).
      How long are you going to be able to afford electricity from $200 bl middle east oil(just a minor disruption would be greater) and why do you want to make them rich?

      1. VT, maybe you should go back and read what john actually wrote instead of (deliberately?) misconstruing something that you maybe, don’t understand.
        He is correct in describing one of FLs many inefficincys. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s how it was written up by those whom have their own interests at heart.
        There are also county codes that effectively prevent most, true off-grid housing, unless you are located deep in the swamps. (ie, a camp)

        Most solar panels I see have rigid panels, and racking, which a strong wind will
        rip to pieces.
        Wind? offshore maybe, if built strong enough to withstand hurricanes, but as elsewhere… its NIMBY!
        Current alternate power technology has a way to go to be truly affordable and efficient.

        1. You guys have no idea of how bad it really is trying to use solar and wind as part of the grid…Let’s just say it’s the least cost effective way to make power on a large scale…It would make your blood pressure go through the roof if I told you how bad the customers were getting the shaft for this scheme/scam…

  2. I know I am known for beating this drum, but it needs beating! Folks, when you can buy baseline completed AR-15’s for under $475.00, there is NO excuse for not at least having one for every member of your family, to include children, that you expect to be present at your retreat. Additionally, PMags can REGULARLY be found for under $10 if bought in bulk. Forget the 5.56 ca 7.62 debate for a moment and realize that a day will likely come when you cannot buy one of these rifles for 4x what they cost now. And I even if it doesn’t come in your lifetime, your children will thank you one day after you’re gone.

  3. Another la nina winter has been announced but the pacific water temperature variations are opposite last years and may cause a variation of the temp/precipitation effects.

  4. I just read the article written by the “whackadoodle” who likes to call Americans — “whackadoodles”.

    I nearly fell off my chair when I got to the end and saw the author’s creds informing us that she has a PhD in gossip!!!!!!

  5. I haven’t seen this mentioned in the Redoubt News, does anyone have any information on the proposed Silicone Smelter HiTest wants to build in Newport WA. The pollution will not only impact WA but also North Idaho.

  6. A Newport Washington/Idaho border site has been chosen for a Silica smelter. There are plans to expand to four stacks. I believe that his will destroy the environment into Montana. That is a huge chunk of the Redoubt area.

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