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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Most troubling this week is Symantec’s revelation of just how far hackers have penetrated into the U.S. power grid.

From the Desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large

Edward Poitevent is at the mercy of Casper the Invisible Frog. The U.S. fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has determined that his land would be an excellent habitat for the Mississippi gopher frog (because it once ranged there at some point) so they have declared it a sanctuary rendering it commercially worthless. There is just a few problems. All the trees have to be cut down and replanted on all 1,500 acres, the underbrush has to be cleared and/or burned on a yearly basis and the ponds on the property have to be refurbished every year. They expect Poitevent to pay for it too. Poitevent describes it as having to build a $34 million frog hotel that will never be occupied. So now the government can steal your land over animals that don’t even live there.

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Dr Kevin Menes was in charge of the ED on the night of the Las Vegas shooting. He had preplanned and through through tough mass casualty situations and had mentally rehearsed the plans and when called into action, his work resulted in saving literally hundreds of lives. Not all heroes wear capes. Preplanning, asking hard questions and coming up with solutions before situations arise works. In his case, it led to medal-worth performance.

U.S. Power Grid

U.S. Grid Narrowly Escapes Apocalyptic Attack. A new study from IT security consulting firm Symantec shows that the U.S. power grid is at extreme risk of a detrimental cyber-attack. Not only was the United States exposed in a recent spat of cyber-attacks, but Europe also experienced similar vulnerabilities. The attackers were able to hack their way into full access to their target companies corporate servers and operations controls. They could turn off circuit breakers that control the direct flow of electricity to homes and businesses.

Christians for Liberty

The Christians for Liberty Conference is coming up this weekend on November 18th, 2017. This is the first year that they have been 100% digital so you can attend from anywhere that has an Internet connection. All you have to do is registerregister then hop on your browser or a Crowdcast mobile app. You can jump in at any time if you just want to see one or two of the speakers as well. Registration is only $10 per livestream.

SurvivalRealty Giveaway is giving away an autographed copy of Survivors by james Wesley, Rawles on their Facebook page. If you have a social presence, you can go to their Facebook page and sign up by sharing the post with your friends and leaving a comment. (Survivors is HJL’s favorite book in the series.)

Planned Gun Confiscations

Council members in King County, Washington state have unanimously approved more than $600,000 to target accused domestic abusers who refuse to turn over their firearms to police. We told you this law would end up hurting gun owners and here it is. Per the law, if you are served with domestic violence protection orders, you are required to surrender your firearms without due process. Anyone who has ever been the victim of “revenge” or “gaining the upper hand in a divorce” knows exactly what the problem is. Without due process, these situations can’t be weeded out and the recipient of the protective order has their rights violated. Now, if the county knows you have a firearm and you don’t produce proof of surrender with the court, expect a SWAT team at your door.


A Christian teacher in London has been suspended for “misgendering” a pupil. Apparently, the pupil was born a girl, but wants to identify as a boy. During an assignment, the teacher made the comment “Well done, girls” to the pupil and her friend when he saw they were working hard. The teacher apologized when corrected by the girl, but it was too late. The mother filed a complaint with the school. To make matters worse, the teacher, who was troubled by the gender identity issue, called the child by her given name. The school interprets this to mean he is in breach of the school’s equality policies.

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  1. If the politicians want your guns, they will come and get them. They don’t need no stinking conviction for Civil Asset Forfeiture. All they need is warm bodies armed to the teeth and willing to do harm to enforce their will on you, and you will lose.

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