Guest Article: Shooting Second Amendment Blanks- Part 2, by David M. Zuniga

Partial List of Our Servants’ Felonies (continued)

Forget the fake “war on terror” and Islamic jihad kindled and reinforced by the CIA. Forget the saber-rattling little fat turd in North Korea, who could be taken out tomorrow by U.S. Special Forces but instead is goaded by the war industry. The truth is: the arrogant organized crime operation known as The Deep State now makes the U.S. Congress the most pressing, potent enemy of these sovereign States and People.

It is long overdue that We The People begin to “execute the Laws of the Union” against this Democrat/Republican machine that:

  • Invites enemies across our borders to provide cheap labor for its patrons in industry,
  • Refuses to throttle the lawless courts under its aegis,
  • Continues to run the largest counterfeiting operation on earth in its concession to the FED cartel,
  • Continues to operate the largest extortion and payroll-skimming operation on earth in its concession to the IRS,
  • Continues to load its sovereigns down with rules, regulations, fees, and programs that it does not have to live under,
  • Continues to engage in felony insider trading every day, making millions by buying and shorting stocks of industries that it regulates or supports,
  • Pays itself whatever it decides, from our payroll accounts, and
  • Pays itself benefits and pension to the grave, while we work to make ends meet!

I could go on for pages; but you get the idea. We The People are now at that point in the movie where we have the opportunity to trap the mafia kingpins and finally bring them to justice. The question is: Tactical Civics™ has developed the best solution in American history…but what will YOU do about it?

Going on Offense at the Statehouse

If we want to obey the Constitution over which we ourselves are the highest authority…first, we need governors to issue executive orders to cease the State’s violation of the stipulation for constitutional Militia; second, we need to push our proposed Citizen Militia Funding Act through the state legislatures.

Constitution’s Stipulation for State Militia

We must make our servants obey the stipulations of Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 of the U.S. Constitution! There is no higher law in America! That clause stipulates that every state must appoint its Militia officers and set regular training of State Militia “according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.”

Obviously, we have a long way to go before our state legislatures are obeying the Constitution— the supreme Law of the Land.  Only after we have gotten our state legislatures to stop violating the Constitution can we then begin to push back and repeal Congress’ ridiculous violations of the Second Amendment, beginning with the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Demand Law Stop Being Violated Instead of Arguing About Rights

Instead of demanding that these major stipulations in the Law stop being violated by Congress and the state legislatures, the “gun rights” organizations have trained generations of Americans to instead argue about a last-ditch Second Amendment “right” when we are not performing the only duty that We The People demand of ourselves in the entire Constitution!

Once we have seen to it that we and our state legislators re-establish well-regulated, properly “officered” state militias, then We The People ourselves will “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions” (Clause 15).

Making Militia Cool, Fun, and Affordable

End Arguments About Barrel Length and Instead End Violations of Constitution

We need to force our state legislators to end their violations of the Constitution— rather than allowing liberals and statists, after every shooting (the last two public shootings were perpetrated by anti-Trump “Antifa” terrorists) to make arguments about barrel length, magazine capacity, pistol-grips on shotguns, open carry rules, full-auto or select-fire, flash-hiders, noise suppressors, bump stocks, et cetera.

There are over 32,000 municipalities and towns in our Republic of sovereign states.  There should be approximately 32,000 training camps for regular unit muster, all over America.  As I explain in Chapter 13 of my free eBook FEAR The People, and in our newer, much smaller booklet Tactical Civics™, Citizen Militia training should be as common as baseball games and as popular and enjoyable as golf, kayaking, deer hunting, fishing, et cetera.  Just because it is the duty of every able-bodied American, does that mean Citizen Militia cannot be “cool” and fun?

Our Action Organization

When you join our action organization, you will notice that Tactical Civics™ is proposing to use a Militia funding plan proposed by Dr. Vieira in a 2016 article, but we increase the fee to $80/year for every citizen age 18-64 who cannot or does not wish to serve in their local Militia. We have run the numbers on more than half of the states; assuming that about 3% of Americans in that age cohort will serve, every Militia member would receive $169-$171 per month for gasoline and ammo when they attend muster and drill.

It also allows the State to pay $50,000 annually to ten officers/trainers for each district of 50,000 citizens, which would be 900-950 militiamen. That’s not bad for a part-time training job and far better than what “militia” trainers are doing today and having to pay for it themselves.

Millions of Americans should be regularly mustering, training, and gathering as neighbors and friends used to do in America, rather than shuddering at the thought of out-of-control police officers, or biting our fingernails over 20 Muslim training camps scattered around rural America.  When we have thousands of Citizen Militia units, the entire “Second Amendment” discussion will become a silly relic.

Wake up; It’s Morning in America!

The most effective step you can take is to go on tactical offense today.  Read in the booklet Tactical Civics™ how our America Again! Indictment Engine™, the restored constitutional Militia, and the informed, supported Citizens’ Grand Jury will work together in the first constitutional law enforcement in American history.

So-called “militia” groups are operating outside the Constitution’s stipulations that We The People set for ourselves. They will never be legitimate until they get over their mere desire to “train” in the field without re-training their mind and attitude as a responsible overseer of government in every county in America.

Exactly the same problem plagues the so-called “common law grand juries”, attempting to operate on their own in a vacuum. Before we had a Constitution, the two fundamental institutions of American law enforcement were the Militia of the state or community and the Grand Jury of the county. Those two fundamental institutions must work in tight coordination as we explain in Chapters 4 and 5 of the booklet. Putting all the pieces together is the mission of Tactical Civics™, and you can start a chapter today in your county. Pass the good news to your contacts all over the republic. There has never been a better time to be alive in America than today!

Our website and Facebook page are improving as quickly as resources and volunteer staff can handle.

Able To Turn Tables Against Deep State

If Breitbart News and the Trump administration will endorse this mission, in a short time we can have a few hundred thousand members — more than sufficient to turn the tables against the Deep State. Americans have never been more ready to take our lives back, and  Tactical Civics™ is the weapon we’ve needed to do it. Tactical Civics™ might be accurately called MAGA in Action™. But it is far more than what any president, even President Trump, can do. We The People must turn the tables ourselves.

Must Begin With Congress Taken Out of Washington D.C.

Incidentally, ending the DC hijacking of America cannot even begin with restoring the Militia and Grand Jury. It must begin by us taking control of Congress and taking them out of Washington D.C. forever. In Chapters 1 and 2 of the booklet, we explain these first two projects.

We were warned by General Smedley Butler in the 1930s, by General and President Dwight Eisenhower in 1961, by criminologist Donald Cressey in 1969, and by Professor Thomas DiLorenzoin 2012, that our most dangerous enemy is Washington D.C. — an independent, lawless, ruthless city-state that fell under the control of evil men and corporations long ago.

Execute the Laws of the Union Using Tactical Plan

Now, We The People will begin to “execute the Laws of the Union”, not limiting ourselves to a last-ditch “right” stipulated in the Second Amendment, but using a full-spectrum tactical plan, most of which does not involve force. By God’s grace, we begin turning the tide of history just when the evil powers believed they had enslaved us at last. And we will do it not only by using arms but by using brains.

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  1. The biggest warning we’ve received is by Dr. Cleon Skousen writing about the LEFTs battle plan to overthrow America. Remember that this country was founded by overthrowing the LEFTs tryanny and now they believe they can overthrow the Republic established on Christian principles. They never believed John Adams’ words that this country is not fit for the immoral and they believe it is their right to take it back from us Christians whom they assert unlawfully took from them in the first place. There’s a reason for the Second Amendment and it is to preserve the republic from such idiology in which to render the Patriot ineffective. The US Constitution was written by purebread Christians birthed from the era of the Puritians. The UN Constitution and all laws are birthed from a secular and antichristian base. The LEFTs next move is to bully their way into Congress to paint such a “sky is falling ” narrative to ultimately relinquish all American sovereignty over to the United Nations and immediately rendering the US Constitution null and void.

    Check out this former FBI Agent’s book…

  2. Man, i dig what you’re saying. i agree with your argument and logic.But that line of thinking will get the interest of big gov’t, and we all know what that leads to.

    1. Yes, we do. In this case, it will lead to the felony indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration of legislators whenever they violate the highest law in this republic.

      What you don’t dig yet is that throughout history, some days the world just changes and the old verities go out the window.

      In Latin, Lex Rex means “the law is king”; that is our American system. Rule of law means that a written code of norms is agreed to by everyone; the law rules and men do not. Our rule of law was not born in a Philadelphia meetinghouse in 1787, when “the world just changed”. There were many other days when the world just changed, leading to our Constitution: when the barons signed the Compact of Ethelred in 1014 A.D. (the English people forced a king to meet their demands; for the first time, kings could not do as they pleased).

      It happened again with the Charter of Liberties (1100 A.D.), the Magna Carta (1215 A.D.), the Provisions of Oxford (1258 A.D.), the Declaration of Arbroath (1320 A.D.), the Mayflower Compact (1620), the Petition of Right (1628), the Grand Remonstrance (1641), the English Bill of Rights (1689), the Declaration of Independence (1776), and the Articles of Confederation (1781).

      On all those days, the tyrant government didn’t know what was going to happen, and change the world that day.

      Our Constitution is the culmination of a 1,000-year western rule of law and We The People are sovereign over it to enforce it!

      Our servants have been committing felonies to the tune of trillions of dollars, for five generations. The Internet has allowed We The People to learn the facts of history as never before, and to begin engaging tactical force-massing as never before. James Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg predicted almost 20 years ago in their book ‘The Sovereign Individual’ that confiscatory nation-states are sliding into the ash-heap of history. They were prescient; it’s happening today.

      TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the culmination of over 37,000 hours due diligence, study, and R&D by 29 volunteers over a decade. The flood lights are shining into the Deep State as never before, and the cockroaches are running in all directions. Major players in DC organized crime are now eating one another.

      We The People now have a lawful, peaceful, practical, long-term, full-spectrum plan of action. And as all those times I cited above from history, as you say, “we all know what that leads to”!

  3. Bravo! What an excellent article! Some food for thought….Being a student of human nature, I fear that people only become motivated to participate in movements such as this when things become very bad, like when the majority of people have no work and can’t feed their families. We aren’t there yet. Meanwhile, public schools and universities have bred patriotism out of most young adults and children. Sadly, patriotism is now considered ugly nationalism. Espousing high ideals is considered hypocritical posturing. We must re-instill patriotism and high ideals in our citizens one person at a time. That is our job, and it’s the only way to garner support for a return to sanity as described in the article.

    1. “The majority of people have no work and can’t feed their families” has never happened in the history of America. But I agree with your basic premise, that things DO have to get much worse for the MAJORITY to take action.

      But TACTICAL CIVICS™ is designed to work optimally with less than half of 1% of the American people taking responsibility. It’s not majoritarian politics, it’s law enforcement. That does not require majorities; as I said before, you only need one sheepdog to lead and protect 50 sheep; you don’t need 51 sheepdogs!

      As for instilling common sense, decency and ‘high ideals’, that’s what homeschooling parents have been doing for three generations. There are more than 25 million homeschooling graduates and two million kids being homeschooled today.

  4. I find the militia concept completely acceptable. But, any uptick in militias is going to make the Government go freaky-deaky, especially the left. The big foot of the Government would come down quick and squash any militias flat real quick.
    We’re long past fixing this mess, bring on the collapse so we can start over….

    1. You really need to read this article (Parts 1 and 2) for comprehension.

      Better yet, read our newest booklet, ‘Tactical Civics’; the 39-page eBook is a quick read, has many live links, and is free…

      But of course, all the reading and online commentary in the world, will not restore our rule of law. Only a faithful, courageous, clear-headed remnant can do that.

      By ‘remnant’ I mean two things. First, that our mission requires less than half of 1% of Americans for optimal performance. Secondly, that at TACTICAL CIVICS™, our lives and efforts are predicated on the lordship of Jesus Christ, High King of all creation — the same foundation on which American law, government, economics and culture were built.


    1. Thyne,

      Not quite! See, one of our MANY abdicated duties is indeed to restore our constitutional Militias of the Several States. But the Militia is a necessary, not a sufficient, element of restoring popular sovereignty (the form of government stipulated in the US Constitution).

      Other aspects of this mission are all explained in our free eBooks. I’ll just explain the first one here…

      Our first action project: Finishing ratifying the original first right in the Bill of Rights, small districts. We will now have US congressmen to represent many of the 31,000 small towns in this republic who have had zero representation in Congress or the US Electoral College for the past century.

      Washington State University grad student Ryne Rohla’s precinct-level 2016 presidential election map illustrates shockingly how *conservative* America actually is, when you give all those 31,000 small towns a vote, rather than allowing the metro areas to rule all states…

      Now see this map, depicting the number of seats in the US House your state *should actually have* according to the original first right in the Bill of Rights:

      If you read the booklet ‘Tactical Civics’ you will see all of the other powers and prerogatives that We The People have at our disposal. This article only deals with Militia because the NRA and GOA have so twisted the national discussion to ‘gun rights’, to avoid our LAW ENFORCEMENT POWER AND DUTY.

      The day that an American realizes the actual power, authority and duty he has OVER government, according to our highest law, the US Constitution — those weekly NRA and GOA appeals for more money start falling on deaf ears. Those feckless, predatory organizations can’t have that! So they keep you focused on ‘gun rights’.

      Remember, Militia is just ONE of many aspects of our power and duty to restore, then maintain, rule of law. This will be a multi-generational restoration job. So we may as well begin now.

      I do not maintain that prepping is wrong; it’s prudent, and when Americans move away from the concrete jungles back to rural existence, the fuller and more meaningful our lives become. But no matter what God has in store for us, after the cataclysm(s), we must still restore rule of law, or we squander forever the greatest law of human self-government ever devised by man.

  6. Your article provides much food for thought. Thank you, IMHO It all begins on the local level, take your neighbors shooting, get to know the local sheriff, be armed and vigilant, be prepared to take/or lose life in defense of your family/property.

    Not sure I agree that we need to muster up. As we then become sitting ducks. We are winning and changing the narrative with all but the most drug addled brain dead Americans. The swamp creatures are eating their own and folks are waking to the truth everyday.

    The lawbreakers have backed themselves into a no win situation. The harder they push the more people wake up. They have exposed their nakedness and there is nowhere on earth for them to hide. All of these high profile public figures should be given no quarter if for no other reason than the blood of the 50 million unborn on their hands.

    From where I stand the controllers Ozzymandis like tower of babel is beginning to wobble very noticeably. It may only take a gentile breeze or a feather on the wind to bring it crashing to the ground.

    1. Norman,

      You’re welcome. Actually, We The People have no choice but to ‘muster up’ since Militia duty is the ONLY task we assign to ourselves in the entire US Constitution (see Article I, Section 8, Clause 15) as its creators.

      All the rest of that law is stipulations and limitations on our creature, the federal servants.

      Check out our home page. You have it right: DC, the most corrupt, ruthless, powerful city-state in world history, is tottering. Our proposed ‘Bring Congress Home Act’ will change the entire world’s concept of popular sovereignty, as we bring Congress to work full-time under probation, back home.

      We’re living in the most exciting time in American history, and in Church history. Look at the body of Christ in China, India, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere…historic growth in the body, despite evil empires attempting to stop it.

      That ‘feather on the wind’ you speak of, is the Holy Spirit. Aslan is on the move, brother!

      Go to our website, perform due diligence, and get in touch when you are ready to stand as founder of your TACTICAL CIVICS™ county chapter. No cost, very little time, yet with MASSIVE potential impact in history!

  7. If all the power President Trump has at his disposal and yet not one charge against Bill & Hillary Clinton on the uranium one deal with Russia than good luck removing all of D.C. Corruption.
    They have the money, they have the power as in the IRS, Home Land Security, FBI, CIA and if they want you individually gone or by a large group-gone, your are toast.

    I think the idea of using the Constitution to bring about change is unrealistic since The Rule of Law is DEAD!

    Lastly, since you mention the Lordship of Christ, how do you read Romans 13:1?

    1. Skip,

      You wrote: “If all the power President Trump has at his disposal and yet not one charge against Bill & Hillary Clinton on the uranium one deal with Russia then good luck removing all of D.C. Corruption.”

      Non sequitur. We do not suggest that We The People can rid DC of *all* corruption. (You cannot even rid your own heart of all corruption, correct?)

      As for Trump, we believe he can be a very useful servant as I explain in our books; he is certainly not able to take on the Deep State, nor is that a president’s job. Read the Constitution; it is the PEOPLE’S job to enforce that law, via constitutional Militia and Grand Jury.

      Next, you wrote: “They have the money, they have the power as in the IRS, Home Land [sic] Security, FBI, CIA and if they want you individually gone or by a large group-gone, your are toast.”

      Nonsense. I heard that for 20 years, but beginning in 1996 after performing due diligence (as recorded in my hobby site, I stopped keeping records, filing forms, or paying money to IRS.
      Guess what happened? They sent me threat letters…14 of them in ten years. Just pieces of paper, unsubstantiated by one iota of law.

      Each time, I responded to my unruly servant at IRS by sending them a clear warning that they had better comply with the law or POUND SAND, but I was not playing their game anymore.

      Fourteen times out of 14, they went home empty handed, Skip. (I list their names and offices on that Tax Honesty website; contact them if you doubt me…if they’re still working for that state-sponsored terror outfit).

      You are entirely too fearful of criminals, Skip. You must overcome that fear; it’s irrational. I may be a bit more public than you in confronting these evil ones, so they may bump me off. No worries; I can’t wait to see Jesus face to face (and try to make Him laugh; that’s always been at the top of my eternal bucket list) and visit with Noah, Moses, David, Joseph, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul and all the other brothers.

      You also wrote: “I think the idea of using the Constitution to bring about change is unrealistic since The Rule of Law is DEAD!”

      Nonsense. We The People have NOT ONCE in 230 years even attempted to enforce the Constitution. How can you call it dead? YOU may be dead (in spirit, and inert in heart) but many Americans are very ready to end this hijacking. We are only looking for those.

      Finally you wrote: “(S)ince you mention the Lordship of Christ, how do you read Romans 13:1?”

      Great question! Here’s my book, ‘Fear The People’; you can download it and turn to Appendix A.

      Or, in a nutshell: ‘render unto Caesar’ nonsense has made America’s pastors enablers for DC organized crime. Obviously, we are not Rome under Caesars! In this republic, ‘the higher powers’ are the US Constitution with the People (collectively) *over* that law to enforce it.

      Thanks for engaging. But don’t be such a scaredy-cat. The bad guys are vastly outnumbered, and they are committing felonies. We hold all the lawful authority and all the cards in the trajectory of history. We only lack courage.

      Those who are ready to be the founder of your county’s chapter of TACTICAL CIVICS™, go to the website home page and get in touch, as it says at the bottom.

      The LORD is good; His mercy endures to all generations. By the time of Woodrow Wilson a century ago, eight of the 10 points of Marx’s Communist Manifesto were already federal policy! Yes, we have had a communist government for a century; this is the kicking, screaming END of American Marxism…not its beginning!

      Now is the time, friends. We The People stand in the faith wherein Christ has set us free, and simply do the duty our parents and grandparents abdicated because they didn’t know civics.

      The whole world awaits such a model of faith. It must begin with you and me; even if you refuse to stand, I will do it. And many others are standing with me!

  8. To ‘All of You’, that are interested in Joining US, America, in this Life long Quest? You really Really, need to think of it in terms of “Self-less-ness”! Not what more ‘I’ may loose, But Who, of those We cherish ‘Will Gain’! As I believe our Founding Fathers did and as I know the Most High Did, when he Sent His Son, for us All! If you are in fear ? of loosing Life, False Liberty and or Freedom ? Then Yes, America Again, Sadly is not for YOU !

    1. Bless you, brother David. Thanks for founding the Overton County chapter of TACTICAL CIVICS™. [David mentions AmericaAgain! Trust; that is the charitable trust and member organization that operates as the support ‘mother ship’ to TACTICAL CIVICS™.]

  9. Mr. Zuniga, when Jesus said “I am the door” we all know he didn’t mean that he was a large wooden plank. It was a figure of speech. In the same way when he said “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s” he was using a figure of speech to say “pay your taxes”. The theme is consistent throughout the New Testament. Paul affirms the idea of being obedient to those who rule over us. So, please don’t claim we don’t need to pay taxes because we are not under Caesar. It is a distortion of Jesus’ teaching and runs counter to the entire New Testament.

    1. Jake, please don’t speak of ‘obedience’ when you do not grasp American civics, the Constitution, the limitations placed on our servants therein, and our duty to enforce that law.

      “OBEY!” goes both ways, you see. Washington DC has run organized crime for generations. Yes, actual organized crime as recorded in the 360-page 1969 book ‘Theft of The Nation’ by criminologist Donald Cressey. That list of crimes was renewed and extended in 2012 by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo in his book ‘Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government’.

      See the seven major felony traditions of Washington DC in ‘AmericaAgain!- The Movie’ (link on our website at

      You strain at the gnat and swallow the camel. ‘Obedience’ like yours is what got us to this retrograde pass. Please READ before you condemn those who seek to restore our rule of law.

  10. Jake, well stated. I loath when people distort Scripture for their own purposes.

    Mr Zuniga doesn’t understand Romans 13:1-2 either.
    There is a warning from God when people disobey that command.

  11. Good luck,until you hang all the lawyers(as Shakespeare said)you will get nowhere except a jail cell or a grave(as demonstrated,they have no compunction about murdering you in the street if any of your ideas gain traction with a wider audience). This country is too far gone to be recovered in any manner except overthrow of the existing power structures and has been since Lincoln subjugated the free people in the War of Northern Aggression.

    1. I agree that the Lincoln administration and shock-and-awe war were the point of the hijacking.

      I disagree that armed revolution is the answer, or that we should cower in fear of boogeymen.

      Your comment is a chilling reminder of the cynicism and resignation I heard for 48 years living on the border, from defeated Mexicans.

      Your two ‘solutions’ are those of every Mexican: 1) lob rotten tomatoes from the cheap seats; 2) swagger and talk of revolution while never intending to lift your sombrero.

  12. Maybe I’m just venting but there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of that a “right” actually means in our society today. We seem to be separating the notion of a “right” with the dependent and related aspect of “responsibility of action” when executed that right.

    For instance: I have the right to keep and bear arms, but I am responsible for every bullet I shoot. I have the right of free speech, but I am held accountable for what I say. I have religious freedom, and the responsibility to not be taken in by con artists. My freedoms do not surpass your freedoms, and should not infringe on yours: for instance, the execution of my faith should never prevent you from executing your faith, or lack their of.

    I say this because we seem to really be accepting this separation on a wide scale social level. A right to do, is now being equated to mandatory equal outcome. Right of free speech is being separate from the consequences of saying something because that speech is so often anonymous. Blogs are filled with rumblings fit for second grade students. Politicians lie directly to the public, safe in their constitutionally protected congress floor. News media is no longer news, but rather the media outlets of political parties (still protected as news but having nothing else in common). People accept anonymous sources as though they are facts (well, if that view is what they are told is acceptable), and deny actual facts if they disagree with he implications. They think “if, could be, looks like, and most likely” on the same level as “is, and did”.

    I’d like to blame the schools, media and internet, but the truth is this is a direct result of how children are being raised today. Sometimes saying “no” and lightly smacking your kid for not holding open he door for some old lady with her hands full, has long term impacts. Unless we help to build a better quality of person and character in the next generation, we will find ourselves surround by the giant equivalent of a Freudian “ID” for decades to come.

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