Letter: Question on Race

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers:

A lot of emphasis lately has been put on race. Who cares really? As long as you survive. That’s the bottom line really. It’s only up to your sons and daughters, whose race they will wed with.

The truth is, you have been given the concept of Free Will; Which you can act upon. This means questioning authority to which you know, whether it is left, or right. As long as you do the good thing.

Would you choose a side that believes in War, or who chooses Peace, What if Peace meant your Sons Daughters would be subject to the Ruling Class? If I was a Person living around Others, firstly, I would trust those that believed in what I believe in,: Truth, Liberty, And Justice, For All; Even if my neighbor was white, yellow, red, brown or black.

That’s my opinion, what do you think? – Sheepdog

HJL’s Comment:

Race is not the issue – culture is. As the famous saying goes, race is only skin deep (technically not true, but you get the idea.) You can easily look past a person’s skin color and, in fact, if you are paying attention to the person, you don’t even notice the skin color. What does matter is “culture” which is often confused with “race”.

A person from a radically different culture will be difficult to get used to. If the cultures don’t merge or if one person’s culture doesn’t blend into the culture as a whole, there will be friction. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This refusal to blend is why the Jews maintained their identity for over two thousand years without a homeland and yet were able to  have their own homeland again in 1948. It is also one of the prime reasons they suffered so much persecution as well.

As SurvivalBlog has often said, find and associate with people who are like-minded to you and the culture issue fades into the background. Their race/color make no difference at all. Multiculturalism is a lie that is tearing the U.S. apart.


  1. This is the 21st century. Race is no more an issue than what some special interests groups want it to be. They use race as a guilt tool to gain advantage, it’s simply nothing more than that. What we are seeing with the Alt-right group is push back from years of this abuse. Racism has been allowed to morph into blanket accusations and has lost its effectiveness. people used to have a look of panic and shock and try to tamp down the accusation when called a racist. Now they just roll their eyes and shake their heads at such nonsense…The topic has never been an issue here at SB in all the many, many yrs that Iv been reading it, and I don’t believe it will gain much traction now. I don’t buy the white privilege argument.. But I do believe in the American privilege. Proof is in the rest of the world wanting to come here and live. I suppose when being an American is finally considered racist, then Yes, I will be a racist.

  2. ‘Raceaholics’ and ‘race pimps’ (ie. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, et al) will always exist as long as they can profit (both financially and politically) off creating racial strife.

    The Romans were wise in asking the question:

    Qui bono? (Who benefits?)

  3. Race is political. And as such, race becomes a tool to create divide intentionally so that ruling classes can make their job of ruling easier. At the same time, we all could benefit by considering new perspectives that challenge our understanding of the world. This is to say, could you imagine walking down the road to only become harassed by law enforcement due to the color of your skin? This has long been the case over generations of “others” in American society. Since the newly released JFK files, let us put this in to context, After JFK’s assassination, congress had very limited support to enact gun control. But, a handful of black people, in an act of protest, waled through the capitol building in [Sacramento] California with firearms, and shortly thereafter, a huge push for gun control took place and created the 1968 Gun Control Act. This process included the earliest form of militarization by police, and spawned several acts and laws that further contributed to the erosion of civil rights for all today. Be certain that such historical processes do impact us all today, regardless if we are not even aware of it. Racism is political, and is broadcasted throughout the media to create division among the people and is nothing more than a tool.

  4. Any time I hear someone speak who is a racist, I suggest they read the book “One Blood” by Ken Ham. It uses the Bible and science to prove we are all related and originated from one people group. How can a person be racist toward a relative?

  5. It is natural for people to feel more comfortable around those like themselves, they can do that without exalting themselves over others, or excluding others. Race, ethnicity, religion, have all been the basis for the bond that has held nations together throughout history. The bond that the American nation is based upon is not of race, ethnicity or religion; it is to be found in documents that formed us as a nation. We are bound by principles. Those principles that bind us are greater than our racial, religious, ethnic, political differences that would divide us.

  6. The leftist see everything in color in order to get people of color to vote for them. It’s all about power. Up until the 1960’s the left had no use for blacks until they decided to use them for a voting block.
    I try to judge on merit, I don’t much care what color you are as long as you are a productive addition to society. What rely annoys me is BLM and their idea that they are some how more deserving than the rest of us. Their ideas about reparations are incredibly ridiculous. None of my ancestors ever owned slaves so why do I owe blacks any money? In fact, many of my ancestors fought and died in the Civil War for the North, haven’t I paid enough?
    Honestly much of what I know about blacks is what the media presents. I have personally only talked to two black people in my life, One was my high school shop teacher who also belonged to our church and the other was a retired police officer who I sold a car to. Both spoke clear English that I could understand, not the hip-hop crap that I can’t understand. How is it that nearly an entire race of people can live in the same area as me and I can’t understand them?
    If blacks want “equality” they are going to have to drop the gangster culture that is so popular and melt into the rest of society like my Scandinavian ancestors did 100’s of years ago. If you want to be successful you have to be similar to everybody else, diversity is not your friend, no matter what the leftys say.

  7. Does stating that each race has it’s own strengths, weaknesses and characteristics/culture make me a racist? Because I believe that. I also believe that most folks want to be around folks that are like them- with race being one of the main identifiers. Do I believe people who look different than me are bad people? No I do not. I just believe them different. By and large they hold different values than I do. Which if we use government to force someone else’s values upon another groups eventually leads to conflict and war.

    Now alongside that same belief do I believe that folks of all colors can ascertain to a higher set of beliefs- those of Christ- and have that change their heart and minds so that they can live together peacefully. Yes, yes I do. But more folks reject Christ and His ways in our country each day therefore I will continue to hope and pray for the best but plan for the worst. Therefore, it is to our own peril to ignore race in our prepping plans.

  8. Who cares really? As long as you survive.
    Survive as a slave? In captive poverty?
    As to children, their spouse is the most important decision they will make. If you love them, their free will needs to be informed by knowledge and wisdom. They might find someone exotic, but will they be together for the grandchildren? Attraction and feelings do not make for good decisions.

    MLKjr said to judge on the content of one’s character, but that has been flipped. Having multiple children out of wedlock is no longer a sin. Rioting and violence is now expected. However racism and bigotry are now civic mortal sins, so when you point out bad behavior under the old standards, you are called racist.

    It is even worse to virtue signal to show you aren’t racist or sexist. We are to judge justly, not showing favorites.

    Scripture does say we have to take care of our own first. Our families, our churches, come ahead of some unknown person in Madagascar. Missionaries have it different, but most people aren’t.

  9. You end your post with:

    “I would trust those that believed in what I believe in,: Truth, Liberty, And Justice, For All; Even if my neighbor was white, yellow, red, brown or black.”

    Would you consider Liberty and Justice for all? And I do mean ALL? Adding “..if my neighbor was white, yellow, red, brown, black, or homosexual.” I am guessing from past posts on this blog, your hope for total inclusion in the prepper community would not include gays. Please tell me I am wrong.

    This country was settled by people fleeing tyranny and religious persecution. Our constitution allows you to practice your religion as you see fit. We are a country that is primarily Christian but our laws should not be Christian. If you don’t want to recognize or marry homosexuals in your church that is your right. But should we have laws that persecute and discriminate agains gays? I say no. In the 1960’s “seperate but equal” was tried in education to segregate the races. It was anything but equal. It didn’t work. A gay “domestic partner” does not have the same rights in most states as a “married” person.

    You say:

    “It’s only up to your sons and daughters, whose race they will wed with”

    Shouldn’t your son’s or daughters be allowed to marry the gender of their choice. I know that they’re people reading this post who are gay, or their sons or daughters are gay. Include them in the community. They are good people.

    1. Hi Marco,

      I am glad we can have an open discussion.

      Here is my hypothetical scenario:

      The Schumer has hit the Fan. Here I am sitting in the mountains somewhere with my prepper community.
      All the members share a similar racial background cause that’s just how it turned out.

      We also share a common faith in Chritianity.

      Say sometime in the future things have gone really sour for society as whole as we know it.
      And say our “hypothetical” prepper community still have to deal with enemies both foriegn and domestic in whatever form.
      We’re vigilant, prepared and self sufficient. Daily life consists of maintenance of shelter, warmth, livestock, crops, communications and security in all nessacary forms.
      One day a person comes into the community who says that they are homosexual, and perhaps say that they are Christian as well. And that their life is in danger from the possible many marauding groups that would murder this person on the spot after learning of their sexual persuasion.

      The truth is my particular faith of Christianity views homosexuality as a sin.

      In my hypothetical scenario this person would be given safety and then be asked to leave, and given enough supplies; so that they may find a community that has the same value systems that they believe in.

      This paticular prepper community beleives that strength lies in its foundation of shared beliefs.

      It just so happens that homosexuality is not one of these shared beliefs.

      Say If a Christian person of my beliefs, regardless of race, came walking down this hypothetical road then they would be welcomed into this community; again this would depend on supplies and what value this person brought to offer.

      Consequently, say this hypothetical situation were reversed; and My family and I had to find refuge in a place that allowed open homosexuality; eventually my family and I would leave. We simply need to find a place where we found a commonality of shared beliefs.
      Even it was just with only another single family that shared these beliefs.

      In my personal opinion, life has to go on for my children,and their children. In a very real way, not only my DNA is passed on to my children, but my hopes, my dreams, the essence of who I am; lives on through my children by the way I have raised them.

      I am not an editor of this site. I am simply one person with their views. I just hope that if and when the Schumer does Hits The Fan, which I believe it will; I pray I will be able to find others that shares the same values as my group.

      Good luck to you Marco, and God bless,

    2. Race is not something anyone has control over. We are born where and to whom our parents decide. Our racial identity is God’s will, it is how he made us.

      Homosexuality is perversion, an evil demon that attacks and possesses. But it is an evil demon that it’s victims voluntarily succumb to.

      God may have made you white or black or red or brown or yellow. But he did not make you sexually perversed.

    3. I hate to jump onto your comment but it is a point of contention when I have dissusions about race. Homosexuality is not a race!

      I have nothing against civil unions for gays/lesbian/whatever that will grant them the same rights that the laws of this country bestow upon Married couples. However, Marriage is defined in the bible and therefore should be not be redefined by this country or any other for matters of convience. If the LGBTQ… communities would not seek to redefine marriage, I’m think they would have won the battle for benefits a long time ago.

  10. In a biography of John Adams that I read, it was said that Dorothy Adams viewed every illness that swept through the colonies as God’s judgement for the sin of slavery.

    I don’t know if she was right but it sure looks as if the Civil War could have been a judgement. And there is no doubt that without slavery we would be avoiding many of the problems we have now.

    I am totally opposed to BLM and other such groups but I think care must be taken when looking at these issues. People have long memories. This situation may be similar to the Protestant/Catholic issues in Ireland. Something we are stuck with for a long time.

    I do not think white people as a whole should feel guilty. To my knowledge my family did not own slaves. I doubt many were wealthy enough to afford them. I bet most white families are the same. I feel no guilt. But that might not save me from some of the problems this creates.

    What to do? Not much IMO. I don’t think affirmative action or reparations or anything else is in order. I do think that when I am dealing with a black person it is wise to remember that their views might be colored a bit by ancestors having been slaves and even parents and grandparents having experienced some pretty ugly racism. This might color your actions a bit in a number of ways. One might be to watch be a little more careful about your own personal safety in certain places and circumstances. The other may be simply being aware that the black person you are dealing with may have some baggage from personal experience or family history that could be under the surface even with no outward indication. I have had a few black friends where I found this to be the case. What do you do? I don’t know. What do you do if you are walking with a friend that sometimes has a sore knee? You don’t necessarily quit walking but maybe you adjust you pace a little when needed.

    The Bible calls on us to bear one another’s burdens. I think that applies here and you have to figure out what that means on a personal case by case basis.

  11. The letter was written partly in context of Europe in the next coming years.

    The prominent author Matt Bracken, recently described in a podacest the potential that the rise of Islam in Europe means huge interbreeding with the native populations.
    The result would be a new type of “SuperMuslim” completely indoctrinated from birth to believe in Jihad, and completely indistinguishable from the native populations.
    On a sidenote, from what I have read happening in Germany and England, any negative mention of Islam or of Race are now met with criminal prosecutions from their Governments.
    Readers from those regions who wish to take part in an open forum on Religion and Race, should be advised to practice proper OpSec;especially in terms of their Internet usage before commenting,lest you get a knock on your door from the local Police.

  12. Are racial supremacists a threat to freedom loving Americans of the same race? After reading the Turner Diaries and Hunter, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are a clear and present danger. Racial supremacists should be on the threat board of all freedom loving Americans.

    A couple of months ago, I decided to read the Turner Diaries and Hunter, just to see what the fuss was all about, finding free copies on the Internet. I was thinking that supremacists of my own race were probably no threat. Having read the works of Lenin, Mao, and Hitler, I had not been swayed. In the books, “the Organization”, a group of white supremacists, advocate revolutionary holocaust through mass murder, just like the Soviets, ChiCom, Nazis, etc.. But, race was just one third of the equation, they were after the extermination of people based on three criteria: Race, Politics, and Religion. Being white might spare you from the first criteria, but the other two could get you just as dead…

    Race – The most obvious thing, in that people were killed based on how they looked. In these books, the supremacists are white, but depending on where you live, they could be of another race.

    Politics – These people were socialists, “the Organization” provided food, fuel, housing, and jobs based on skill set. Anyone who believed in Capitalism, Democracy, or the U.S. Constitution would be killed. One General was assassinated because he believed in the U.S. Constitution.

    Religion – Obviously, “the Organization” hated Jews and advocated their total destruction. They allied themselves with Islam, but I think that was just to work against the Jews and Israel. They had total contempt of Christians, but saw them as useful sheep that could be easily duped into being allies. At a certain point, the Christian leadership would be killed along with any true believers. There was a certain Satanic influence in “the Organization”.

    So, I would recommend not to be drawn into any conflict or movement involving racial supremacists, even if you are of the same race. They will try to use you until they can gain an upper hand in power, at which time, you may become expendable, and be exterminated.


  13. I do agree that to quote the Rawlesian tenets “Race ignores reason”.
    I do believe that if the grid goes down for an extended period of time, the vast majority of “The minority urban youth, or “MUYs”, will be bent on killing, looting, and raping; especially any group that is not of their race.
    I can also perceive that the mostly white country folk will use “the rule of .308”, to protect themselves. For many their targets will be based on skin colour, that is why I would advocate atleast dressing like a person of respectable appearance for all.
    I am sure there a bunch of good ol boys will have little hesitation on putting the crosshairs on the group of people wearing gang related clothing who happen to saunter down that lonely country road looking for loot.
    I actually believe that all races are in the majority racist, beyond the natural proclivity to wanting to be around people that look like you.
    In a SHTF scenario this means greater trigger control in threat assessment, for those that adhere to “Rawlesian tenets”.
    Thanks for your post. If you have a chance check out Matt Bracken’s works, especially his non fiction stuff on “Civil War 2”,if you are time contained.
    Again, my feelings are if you are of any so called minority race does not absolve a person that they may come with very bad intentions.
    I’ll look at your links, I am writing from a mobile device so I cannot provide direct links. (If you type in “Matt Bracken Civil War” in your search engine will suffice)

    God bless and keep in touch

  14. At HJL and Marco,

    The reality is that when the Schumer hits the fan, it may come down to the 2 camps. The good against the bad.
    We may have to sort out our differences at a later time.
    That’s my 2 silver coins for what it’s worth.

    God bless,

  15. Black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue, green, pink or even plaid, I don’t freaking care. Are you a good person? Fine and welcome. Do you mean me harm? Not fine, move along, have a nice day, leave before I shoot you. Homosexual: fine, be respectful of those around you and you will have my respect. Just understand you may be completely alone in your choices. After TSHTF you may lead a very lonely life, for as long as it lasts. If that doesn’t suit you, leave and have a nice day. Trans: forget the hormones and pray you haven’t gone too far in your transition. If the SHTF you are going to be in a world of hurt because of what you have done to your own body. I bear you no malice, but you may be useless to those around you when the crunch comes. You are medical liability to yourself and to those around you. Sorry, the truth can be brutal.

    I agree that all these issues and supposed differences are mostly political theater. The question you have to ask yourself is: Are you human? If you are, then what are the real differences between us? The differences are all only cosmetic. When you realize that, well, welcome to the human race.

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