The Editors’ Quote of the Day

“When I was a lad it was required of all able bodied men to go kill Jerrys and Japs, at government expense, one at a time for the common folk, in batches if you showed an aptitude for heavy machinery. We stood shoulder to shoulder with the USSR fighting to free the world of tyranny. It was simple and majestically pure, like life itself at that age.

Then, in my first years at school there were air raid drills with Silent Hill-style sirens wailing because the Reds were going to attack us, and our brave allies too—Germany and Japan. We didn’t know what “world domination” might be, exactly, but the USSR was guilty and it was badder than bad.

Were these the same Russians as our former allies, those brave folks who fought the forces of evil to a standstill and harvested fields of grain in their off hours? What happened? They seemed so nice.

Meanwhile, Germany and Japan, having lost the war, had achieved victimhood, which meant … but no, that was unthinkable.

The unintended lesson was: Things change. A lot. And fast. How today, for instance, do you fully endorse Equal Opportunity, once a non-negotiable principle of racial justice, now outright hate speech. So here’s a thought: don’t get too attached to the normalcy of the day, in not much time you’ll be holding it by the stinky end.” – Ol’ Remus, in his Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report blog

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