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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today, we are focusing on the North Korea bizarre diplomacy measures this week while their nuclear test site is in danger of collapse.

North Korea

North Korea has obviously bought into the media propaganda about President Trump. They believe him to be a crazy, wild man with an itchy finger on the nuclear trigger. The Pyongyang regime has sent bizarre letters to the Australian government to appeal for help in pressuring Trump. The letter to Australia’s Parliament also included an open letter to parliaments around the world. Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again.

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One of the reasons China has closed off much of it’s border with North Korea is because of the underground nuclear test site. Similarly to nuclear test sites in the United States and Russia, North Korea’s test site, Mt Mantap is suffering from Tired Mountain Syndrome. As footage of the September test has been reviewed, the mountain can be seen visibly moving and multiple earthquakes have been experienced in this previously stable location. The fear is that as the mountain collapses, it will release significant radioactive components into the air.


The IRS has announced that it will begin rejecting tax returns that lack the Health Insurance Disclosure. This, in spite of the Trump administration’s proclamations that Obama Care is dead. The tax aspect of the Affordable Care Act is perhaps the most controversial aspect of the law and yet the IRS has now publicly stated that they will be taking steps to enforce this provision. This would appear to conflict with the administrations hint that they will stop enforcing the mandate.

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In another controversial subject, Retired 1st Lt. Mizarski, A wounded veteran on full disability, has had his student debt canceled by the government. The debt was sizable at nearly a quarter of a million dollars, but the debt forgiveness seems sensible given that his disabilities are directly due to brain damage that he received by taking a ricochet to the face while leading a combat mission. He led 244 combat missions with 43 engagements. However, the IRS now considers that debt forgiveness as income and has hit him with a $70,000 tax bill (including Michigan state taxes). Thanks to reader H.L for both of these stories.

Papers Please

The Real ID Act, enacted in 2005, is about to cause some serious issues. Enforcement for the act was pushed starting in 2013 and many of the waivers given to states are expiring. As a result, individuals wishing to access transportation that the DHS (through the TSA) will have to present a Real ID compliant identification. As of right now, 26 states have changed their process to grant the Real ID compliant IDs, but the remainder have not and other ID (such as a US Passport) will be required. Note that these are not just requirements for international travel, but also for domestic.


Reader P.S. reminds us that the November 4th date is fast approaching. For those who are unfamiliar with this date, November 4th, 2017 has been designated by various Antifa groups as the date to initiate riots and other domestic disturbances across the nation to protest the Trump/Pence administration. We are not sure how they plan for organized riots to remove a duly elected president from office, but nevertheless, the DHS has been warning for months of the impending attacks.

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    1. We will see. I have viewed antifa personnel in person. I think it possible they just might do this. However a strong police presence does deter them if it is organized.

  1. People should just stop all together filing taxes. The ACA is unconstitutional. The best way to avoid the IRS is an underground business, the underground economy is booming, of course you will not hear that on mainstream news. Do your research on the underground economy, there’s even books and websites on how to get started. People are doing this to avoid the IRS ACA crap.

  2. A friend of mine was angry with me over the Obamacare SCOTUS decision. Although I hate Obamacare it is a tax and in that regard constitutional. Fundamentally it is no different than the home interest deduction.

    The problem with our tax code is attempting to encourage or discourage certain behavior with it be it buying houses, buying health insurance or quite frankly having children. In any society there will be a need for some taxation to maintain some core functions. I believe a simple flat tax of some form is the way to go. Collect the necessary revenue in a manner that least impacts people’s decision making and distorts the market the least.

    1. The problem with our tax code is that we have a tax code. How are you going to “collect” taxes from those unwilling to be collected from without using the violence of government to “enforce” the collection? Involuntary taxation is contrary to my right to life, liberty, and property. I have no interest in living on your tax plantation.

  3. WA State didn’t want to deal with the REAL ID, perhaps because they were providing WA State Drivers License to illegal immigrants. Now all residents of WA State may have to deal with the consequences (e.g. needing a passport even for a domestic flight).

  4. Looks like the Trump IRS is working against Trump. Maybe Mr. Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury should get his IRS in line with their bosses wishes.

    As to the vet that got debt forgiveness, an executive order from Trump would take care of that little issue. Also forgiveness of anything owed to Michigan would be achieved with the same executive order. Michigan bases their taxes on your federal filing, so nothing owed to the feds, nothing owed to the state.

    On the Real ID: Stop flying, don’t use the trains or the buses. Don’t give the TSA anything to do. If necessary, bankrupt the airlines, buses, and the railroads. This longstanding totalitarian socialism needs to be brought to an abrupt end. It’s up to We the People to do it.

    1. I agree with the idea of eliminating flying from your personal life. The way the TSA violates one’s person under the guise of ‘stopping terrorism’ is one of the worst jokes ever played on this country. By their own admission and testing, they still don’t catch over 90% of the stuff that gets on a plane. Don’t let them violate your person. Stay local, change your vacations, starve the beast…

    2. Totally agree. I’ve started driving everywhere, even across the country twice. It takes longer, but there are some incredible places in the US I would have never seen, or people I have met, if I continued flying commercial.

  5. Re: Real I.D. if you can’t avoid flying. State Dep’t is now offering (for $30) a “Passport Card”, good for travel only to Canada and Mexico and otherwise for domestic travel only.

  6. We’re experiencing some issues with the Real ID law right now…the in-laws house caught fire and burned up most of their identification paperwork from current state DL back to original birth certificates and marriage license…what a freaking mess!!

    1. Tim–Maybe it’s random, or maybe because it marks the date that The Sturmabteilung or SA (the “Brown Shirts”) is formally formed by Adolf Hitler. Despite the little vermin’s’ “Anti-fascist claims to the contrary, it is clear exactly who the fascists are…

    2. One aspect is that it plays off of the mythology of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. From the perspective of the antifa, they are fighting against a fascist regime. There’s some correlation with the plot from V for Vendetta. In the movie, the protagonist foments a citizen protest against the fascist government, while blowing up Parliament, and everybody is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. It all happens on Nov. 4th, the eve of the Gunpowder plot. “Remember, remember the fifth of November”

  7. President Trump seems to have little control or authority over his agencies.
    And yet he tells us things are on track. If he believes that we are in more trouble than I thought.

  8. “…..there is 3 trillion dollars worth of minerals there.”

    3 trillion worth of minerals that the Chinese are either 1) unaware of or 2) have no interest in. Kinda doubt that. Thanks for the dimestore theory, though.

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