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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Yet another company is caught violating your electronic security and privacy.


Reader T.J. sent in this article from Wranglerstar on chainsaw cutting for beginners. Many of us don’t really want to admit that we don’t know how to handle a chainsaw. Some of us think we know how to, but really don’t. This is a great little primer for getting started with this most useful homesteading tool. Even if you are an experienced faller, you might want to get this video link to give to those whom you know need it.

Electronic Security

Yet again, a company is caught red-handed, collecting user information and selling it without notifying the users that they are doing so. made several updates to their app that snuck in the data collecting code and did not make it obvious to it’s userbase that it was doing so. The only way these companies will learn that this is not OK is if people just quit using their apps. In the meantime, there is no way to disable the data collection and to ensure the code does not collect information, you have to delete the app entirely. Thanks to DSV for the link.

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Yikes! The Google tracking feature you didn’t know you switched on. It’s the small things. You used Google maps on your phone to drive to that new resaraunt you wanted to eat. The app asked for your “location” data and you let it access that so you could get driving directions. Then you forgot to turn “location” back off when you were done. Now Google is tracking your every move. Hopefully, you haven’t taken the easy way out and given these apps carte blanche to your sensitive data!

Here We Go Again

The call “Never Again!” is morphing into “Never mind”. French Police Called in After Student, 10, Beaten at School ‘for Being Jewish’. We just don’t seem to learn. This is the type of behavior that was tolerated (and later encouraged) that led to Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938. Apparently, the school refused to take action to protect the young girl and the police are stalling the investigation. Let’s count this as yet another reason to leave public schools, but the issue runs much deeper than just that. thanks to D.S. for the link.


Reader skyrat wrote in regarding the plauge in Madagascar:

With regard to Plague, 10 doses per patient, depending upon what particular antibiotic is employed, sounds reasonable. My concern would be, in the setting of pneumonic plague, how the caregivers would be protected. I would imagine that each nurse in Madagascar represents a considerable investment of resources, in a likely resource (cash) poor nation. Therefore, few nurses are going to be called upon to provide intensive nursing care to multiple patients in a resource strapped milieu. That reeks of staff exposed to readily transmissible disease. I can only hope that The Patron Saint Of Nurses smiles upon them! For your reading, here’s the CDC on Plague management. (I’m an RN of nearly 40 years licensure, former paramedic, and current Physician Assistant)


Reader B.B. sent in the link to this article on the latest celebrities to call for more gun control after the L.A. shooting. “The Unbelievable Stupidity of Those Who Believe that Laws Stop the Lawless”. The title tells you all you need to know, but it’s a good read anyway.

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No law would have stopped Las Vegas gunman. In an interview, Feinstein admits that laws didn’t really matter in this case. Of course, that isn’t stopping the call for more laws. the liberal, progressive, socialist/communist loonies are getting bolder in their talk about why they want these laws. Facts don’t matter in the least.

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  1. The laws against murder and unlawful discharge of a weapon did nothing to stop these shootings. The only thing that does stop theses shootings is shooting back and killing the perp.

  2. Great recommendation on the Wranglerstar chainsaw videos! On that note, I’m a new owner of a Husqvarna 550 XP, and just found out their whole line of chainsaws are controlled with an onboard computer chip! No manual adjustments of the carb possible……..I wonder, does anyone have insight into the functional vulnerabilities to an EMP with this? Do all chainsaw manufacturers now employ computer chip controlled carburators?

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