The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“My only advice: Reporting that makes the publisher uncomfortable from time to time is one sign of a newspaper doing its job. Something to guard against is the temptation to think that rewriting press releases and regurgitating the words of politicians qualifies as news coverage. It’s really an invitation to irrelevancy.” – Dermot Cole

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  1. Thank You All, For All You Do!

    Reverse Engineer , The Mark of The Beast System [whether a person believes the Bible or not, the parasites DO INTEND to go cashless, and CONTROL , and “vaccinate”/depopulate ], but reverse engineer that complete control, and everything becomes clear. Vegas was the govjacked government, working for and with the parasites. Same as 9/11, [and obviously they own the corporations, thus ALL major media]

    Have a great week, Sliding

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