Letter: Earthbag Shelter

Regarding the Odds ‘n Sods entry last month: Owen Geiger has several earthbag shelter designs that are inexpensive but labor intensive and that are an option for radiation protection.


The entrances need to be modified and extended for that protective ninety degree turn. Also, more earth berm may be needed for shielding.

Readers might want to stockpile some basic components for use in the construction of expedient shelters during a national crisis, like Cresson H. Kearny suggested in his book. They would need concrete, re-bar, stucco, and plaster for a more permanent structure.


Resources can be found online.

You’ll also need two gallon buckets, shovels, tampers, plastic sheeting, and more…

From the readers, I would like to know of a source for 2-gal plastic cement pails and 6×6 steel tampers. [8×8 gets a little heavy.]

Keep in mind these shelters are duel use and can be used for the temperate storage of food and supplies, among other uses.

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  1. As technology rapidly advances, it is tough to keep up.
    We see how the elusive 3D printers were astronomically priced and now be purchased economically by so many.
    Their uses are rapidly expanding as well, from repair components for the cheap Chinese junk we all have to firearms components.

    That said, there are now 3D printers for structures and homes.
    These are portable, use a special concrete poly blend, and easy to setup.
    A home can be printed and finished in 24 hours.

    One of markets that the company is looking at is disaster recovery.
    Numerous Sturdy safe homes can be built in a very short period of time.
    And as I mentioned, with most technology popularity increases and costs drop.
    This may become a cost effective option in the not too distant future.

    Here is a video link for your consideration, thanks


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