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I just noticed that Redoubt Surplus & Tactical (in northern Idaho) has added West German surplus Snow Camouflage ponchos to their inventory at their new online store. They even offer free shipping on these ponchos! – JWR

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The folks at DX Engineering made a great set of do-it-yourself Ham antenna plans available: A Practical NVIS Antenna for Emergency or Temporary Communications

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Received an e-mail alert that KeepShooting.com (one of our ling-time advertisers) just received a big batch of Austrian, German, and British military surplus gear. Part of that was batch of British Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) camouflage parkas. If you aren’t familiar with MTP, that is the UK’s equivalent of Multicam, and it replaced DPM for the British Army. Great stuff. Be sure to check out these parkas. At under $50 each, I suspect that they will sell out quickly. – JWR

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SurvivalBlog reader DSV noticed that Judge Napolitano was back on Fox News, but neither side has backed down yet.

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Sister-in-Law of Shooter in San Bernardino Attack Pleads Guilty to Federal Conspiracy Charge in Immigration Fraud Case – P.M.

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Kelly Hart has built all kinds of alternative housing including earthbag. This little shelter was built to test the temperature fluctuations in the New Mexico desert and to see if with such a small structure the usual strands of barbed wire were necessary between the layers of earthbags. This is an impressive structure with all kinds of applications, yet simple to make. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside has potential. – T.J.

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