Notes for Sunday – March 19, 2017

On March 19, 1649, the House of Commons of England passed an act abolishing the House of Lords, declaring it “useless and dangerous to the people of England”. Perhaps it’s time Americans did the same with our Senate–or better yet return our Senate to its proper role–representing the individual States rather than electing Senators by popular vote. – JWR

Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 7, by Sarah Latimer

I’m continuing my journey to consider some of the pantry basics (beyond meat, eggs, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables) that I will want to have available in the event of TEOTWAWKI. While I am working on a couple of major projects that are proving more difficult than expected, I will write on something this week that is ever so sweet and appealing. We’ve covered other pantry essentials, including baking soda, yeast, vinegar, salt and pepper (and other spices and herbs), and coffee to determine how we will provide them for our families in a TEOTWAWKI scenario. Some of these we will have to have stock piled, barter for, or find alternatives for until they are manufactured again, but others we can make or produce for ourselves. This week’s subject is sugar.


In a TEOTWAWKI scenario, when the electric grid goes down, fuel is not available … Continue reading

Letter Re: Coffee

Mrs. Latimer,

Thank you for your contributions to our survival knowledge. In regard to roasting your own coffee, we have been doing this for years and I thought I might share … Firstly we buy our beans green by the 150 pound (plus) burlap bags from Royal Coffee Co. and have it shipped to us. We have kept our beans in 5 gallon buckets in a cool place and have never had a problem with spoilage. Like you, we have gone through multiple evolutions of roasting techniques from cast iron pan to electric hot air popcorn popper, which I will add needs to be preferably a 1500 watt popper. The smoke from roasting is quite acrid and I have read (though can not verify) is carcinogenic so any thing that one does use to roast the beans in must be dedicated to that sole purpose and obviously should be done … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

Philadelphia Soda Tax Forces Local University To Hike Student Costs By $400,000 – Reader H.L.

HJL’s Comment: Typical of liberal progressives, Philadelphia can’t face the fact that their actions have consequences. More collectivism at work.

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These US States Entered A Recession In 2016 – Notice that the economies of nearly all of the states presently in recession depend heavily on oil production. Oil makes the world go round, or at least lubricates it.

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Management doesn’t escape the axe: Remington Laysoff Senior Directors And Management – Link sent in by DSV

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Wall Street Bullish On Oil Prices Despite Saudi Warnings. The majority of investment banks appear to be unfazed by the recent fall in oil prices, claiming that the outlook for oil over the year is no less bullish.

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Odds ‘n Sods:

A 50 State Guide – Is night vision legal to use for hunting in my State?

JWR’s Comment: Be sure to check the current Fish &Game regulations in your own state. Laws do change frequently!

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U.S. Air Force Buying Special Drone-Snagging Shotgun Shells – G.G.

HJL’s Comment: I’m not too thrilled about their choice of a name for the product (Skynet), but it is an intriguing concept. I’m also curious as to how the laws against shooting drones will be applied to this product.

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In a continuation of disturbing trends, a man was arrested for tweeting a seizure-inducing GIF to a reporter with epilepsy. I’m not sure which is more disturbing– the weaponization of Twitter or being arrested for a free speech issue.

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US State Dept. warns college students against spring break travel … Continue reading