Notes for Tuesday – March 07, 2017

Panic in Year Zero: It is important that SurvivalBlog readers take the time to read at least the summary of the Wikileaks “Year Zero” March 7th announcement. (Also known as Vault 7.) The ramifications of this release of state-sanctioned and state-sponsored cyberweapons are huge. The sheer volume of weaponized code that has been unleashed is amazing. The mis-use of these cyberweapons could very rapidly devastate e-commerce, banking, satellite navigation systems, and public utilities, including national power grids. Do not dismiss this as mere speculation. The risk is real, and the risk is huge. This announcement is just one more reason for SurvivalBlog readers to redouble their preparedness efforts. Make your preparations now, before the lights go out! – JWR

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March 7, 1707 was the birthday of Stephen Hopkins, (Governor of Rhode Island) one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

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Building An 80% Firearm- Part 1, by Tupreco


Learn the Why and How

The election of Donald Trump is beginning to show concrete steps toward dialing back the Obama administration’s numerous efforts to undermine our Second Amendment rights. How that will continue to play out remains to be seen. Surprisingly though, even on Obama’s watch there were several pro-2nd Amendment (2A) court and legislative victories, including expansion of concealed carry in many states.

Another thing that occurred while Obama was in office was an unexpected but welcome surprise from the ATF. Several years ago, a well-known AR-15 parts manufacturer requested and received the ATF’s formal approval to manufacture and sell, without restriction, a partially-finished AR-15 lower receiver. This receiver would only be legal for unrestricted sale if the ATF approved the exact design where several very specific features remained un-machined or marked in a way that would aid in its completion. This partially-complete receiver (now commonly called … Continue reading

Letter Re: Dental Emergencies Questions

Dear Editor,

After combing through the dental information on your blog, I’m hoping you might report a new and comprehensive article on dental care and how to be prepared. I think it important to address this issue because dental woes can render a person unable to function. As one of your blog entries noted, broken bones and other injuries of the body will eventually knit up, but a tooth abscess will only get worse and can actually become fatal. I’m looking to know what equipment is needed to address tooth extractions whether I have to do it myself, or, in a changed world, will need those instruments to bring to any available dentist still practicing. I don’t see that any of your advertisers carry extraction instruments. There are many tools on the market, but what tools are reliable and of good quality? And how about info on surgical tool sterilization … Continue reading

News From The American Redoubt:

American Redoubt

Anyone who wants to convert a cargo van for camping or Get Out Of Dodge purposes should check out End of the Earth Vans, in Missoula, Montana. The proprietor is pro-gun and has amazing skills.

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SurvivalBlog reader E.W. highly recommended as a source of sourdough cultures and highly recommends the Russian culture as a fast riser and heavy lifter that works well with whole fours. Activating the starter mid-evening makes fresh, whole spelt bread by the next afternoon possible. The South African culture is also advertised as working well with whole grain flours.

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Looking for a quick, easy solution to an outhouse? Reader C.N. found an ad for Privy Ranch: Custom Made Outhouses in a local paper that sounds kind of nice.

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Economics and Investing:

Here’s an example of a bank you want to avoid

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Why It Isn’t Game Over For Canada’s Oil Sands. Many declared the oil sands dead after some oil majors withdrew and debooked reserves, but while they may be down, they are definitely not out.

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Half US can’t write check for 500

HJL’s Comment: Perhaps one of the reasons that they can’t write a check for $500 is precisely because they are constantly buying the newest phone, or 100” flat screen TV, or eating out too much…and so on. It seems that we have forgotten how to teach basic financial management these days.

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LIQUIDATING FEDERAL ASSETS: A Promising Tool for Ending the U.S. Debt Crisis

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Odds ‘n Sods:

To keep Tor hack source code secret, DOJ dismisses child porn case – T.P.

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A useful skill to have: Just a detail – Guy Higgins on the Importance of Plans and Checklists – Condo Prepper

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Get home bike? This Folding Fat-tire Ebike Does 85 Miles On A Single Charge, And Also Fits In Your Trunk – G.P.

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Over at CommanderZero: CostCo ammo cans

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Coming to a town near you: All-knowing surveillance system detects gunfire all across America – C.J.