Preparedness Notes for Friday – June 16, 2017

SurvivalBlog Notes

Today is the birthday of John Enoch Powell (born 1912, died 8 February 1998). He was one of the very few military men to rise from enlisted Private to Brigadier General. Similarly, in the U.S. military, Nathan Bedford Forrest enlisted as a Private and advanced to the rank of Lieutenant General of the Confederate Army during the U.S. Civil War. (His postwar career was, ahem, less distinguished.) Chesty Puller did the same in the U.S. Marine Corps. Likewise, U.S. Army General Tommy Franks began his Army career as a Private in 1965 and went on to eventually wear four stars, as did Admiral Jeremy Michael Borda, advancing from USN E-1 to USN O-10 (from Seaman to Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations). There have been a few such examples but not very many. (Special thanks to SurvivalBlog reader George S. for mentioning this birth date … Continue reading

Guest Article: The Practical Application of Tactical Gear, Load and Weight Considerations- Part 2, by Max

Tactical Gear

The intent of this continued post is to tie in the related, practical application concepts of tactical gear, fitness, teamwork, logistics, and tactical loading, in order to present a realistic and logical way to approach the subject. There are a number of related factors at play here. Part 1 covered the mission, logistics, tactical load, physical conditioning, transport, and ballistic plates along with a note urging people to avoid heavy steel plates.


In order to be able to conduct any sort of patrolling/security operation, you are going to need a team. This means numbers of trained personnel. You cannot have that QRF if you do not have the trained bodies to man the operations center and the QRF team, while also running a security rotation on your home base. Thus, it goes without saying that you need trained people, in sufficient numbers, to provide an effective tactical team.

Combat … Continue reading

Letter: Debt After SHTF

debt after shtf


I’m looking for some justification of some prepper advice I’ve seen. More than a few articles recommend getting out of debt now before SHTF. I say, “Why?”. In the event of TEOTWAWKI the banks will be shut down anyway. Who’s going to process the repo paperwork? Who’s going to come enforce the repo? The local Sheriff is going to have more important things on his plate. That is assuming that he’s even still performing the duties of LEO. On top of that, I’d be willing to bet that when things started to get “back to normal” past debts will be forgiven in the interest of rebuilding the basic organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. Just some thoughts… – D

HJL’s Reply:

You shouldn’t need any more advice than “It’s the right thing to do”. Getting out of debt should be … Continue reading

Economics & Investing for Preppers

Economics and Investing

Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is a likely burst of the global debt bubble in the near future.

Precious Metals:

First off, here is some useful commentary from Peter Hug: Is $1,300 Gold a Viable Target?

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Also at Kitco: Fed Increases; Dollar Rises, Gold Swoons

Commodities Economics:

Next, over at, we read: Tillerson Seeks To Turn Oil Tap Off For North Korea


On to the foreign exchange (Forex) news, Vladimir Ribakov offers: Weekly Forex Market Review … Continue reading

Editors’ Quote Of The Day

Rush Limbaugh

“By government giveaway programs, individuals are often hurt far more than they are helped. The recipients of these programs become dependent on the government and their dignity is destroyed. Is it compassionate to enslave more and more people by making them a part of the government dependency cycle? I think compassion should be measured by how many people no longer need it. Helping people to become self-sufficient is much more compassionate than drugging them with the narcotic of welfare.” – Rush Limbaugh