Lessons From the First TEOTWAWKI- Part 4, by Sarah Latimer

Order and Unity

In TEOTWAWKI, we will need all the order and unity we can muster. Why not work to build that unity and cohesion now? Why not try to build a peaceful, loving home now, while learning skills and developing respect for one another as man and woman? Find out who you are as a woman and ask the LORD to help you find contentment in who you are, where you live, your circumstances, et cetera. You can work to improve upon these, but contentment is beautiful!

Women are nurturers and certainly can be fighters, too. It’s just fine when someone is seriously threatening harm to you or your child to take action to defend yourself. But hostility, whether physical or verbal, is not usually the appropriate response, especially when there is merely a conflict of ideas. Feminism has emboldened women to become the spokespersons for their families on all matters, speaking their minds passionately. It’s not how order and unity are formed, and it isn’t good for government either.

Women At the Poll

It was once believed that women’s suffrage would end all wars. It’s ironic that all of the major world wars have been fought with the women leading in the number of votes cast.

Women don’t hold punches. We’re brutal in a fight, because we are passionate, emotional beings. Women may not like being portrayed as emotional, but the truth is that we are. Anger is an emotion, too! Just look at any women’s rights marches. Angry women are always present, and it is common to see violence and yelling. Mothers even pull children along in the midst of this unbecoming behavior. It’s so unattractive and ineffective, in my opinion.

A Woman’s Generous Nature

A woman’s generous ideologies are fantastic in the home and within the community, but they don’t apply to government. In my opinion, we don’t need a generous government! The institution for handling social welfare and issues should not be the government! Instead, the people within a community and the religious organizations should be meeting the needs of the community or state. We know our own people and who truly has needs versus who is faking it because they are simply lazy. Yet, women seem to vote for generous funding of social programs at the federal level again and again. And the social programs of our federal government are heavily responsible for the financial crisis we find our nation’s government.

We women tend to vote with our hearts much more than our heads. Men don’t. We really need to consult our husbands on voting matters! Women voters are responsible for war and social programs that have put our nation in its current financial crisis and for creating a culture of entitlement. We don’t easily say “no” to those in need. Sometimes, “No” is the best thing for someone. They may need to solve some of their own problems by getting a job or going to school. Maybe they need to make some other lifestyle adjustments.

Justice v. Kindness

It is difficult to look at a young mother who is an illegal alien and tell her that she is a criminal and needs to return to her native land because she has not gone through proper processes. As women, we generally have a difficult time doing that. We’re nurturers and caregivers. We want to see that she has what is needed to care for her child and herself. But, realistically, our community cannot absorb and support masses of people coming into it all at once. There has to be a limit. So there are processes for coming into the country and pursuing citizenship. Every country has immigration laws.

God gave our men stronger hearts to do what needs to be done in some cases to protect us from destruction. It’s easier for a man to tell her that she needs to return to her homeland and then aid her in doing so. Many women just couldn’t do it.

Our God is both just and kind. This is a prime example of how the union of man and women is necessary to carry out God-like character. Woman is not complete without man, and man not complete without woman. However, when women dominate, we sacrifice justice and economics for what we perceive to be kindness. It could very well end up costing everyone, including the illegal aliens, the security and stability of our government and our economics. We may all struggle to feed our children because of women who vote for federal government generosity!

The Deception

The deceiver has convinced feminist women to give up their identities as nurturers, critical supporters, and wise counsel to their male leaders. Instead, they are on the forefront with their sometimes out-of-control passions. This movement of dominant, feminist women is also uniting with other organizations and ideologies, like the UN, Islamic organizations, and others, to increase their news coverage and funding. However, some of these partner organizations support female circumcision, euthanasia, and many immoral offenses against women, children, men, and animals. United, these ultra liberal organizations generate bigger events and emotional responses that urge women to participate in their marches, mailing lists, boycotts, et cetera. They appear large and forceful. Corporations fear opposing them without appearing sexist, racist, or prejudiced in some way.

It’s a big lie and plot of deception snuck in slowly as part of the plan to destroy the foundation of the Creator’s greatest creation. This foundation of the Creator is, of course, relationship. The family fundamentally demonstrates human relationships. It isn’t the only thing threatened. At risk are our family units, personal privacy and liberties, and the peaceful communities and nation we love.

The Glue

Ladies, we are often the glue that holds the family together. We are the ones everyone comes home to and who help keep family schedules and the home generally organized. We see that the children are doing their chores, completing their school work, and are clean and healthy. If we are not in the home guiding our children and teaching them to honor and respect God and their father and mother, then where will they learn this and see it modeled? How will they learn to respect authority and others, especially if they only see disrespect and disharmony in their home and on the news and in their entertainment?

The disintegration of the family has been occurring for decades. It has been spilling over into society, beyond the home. We see anger and division not only in our nation’s homes but certainly on television, on college campuses, in the streets, and in the workplaces. It is rampant, and it boils down to people blaming others for what they don’t have and fixating on the “fruit on the tree” that will give them knowledge of both good and evil.

Find Contentment, Leave Evil Alone

We must find contentment in what is good. Leave evil alone! We need to check our hearts to make sure we are not part of the division that will bring the life we love or desire tumbling down! Personal instability of malcontents and their attacks on others is divisive and destructive. It will tear our families and our communities apart. It is influencing our businesses, too. Furthermore, as women wrestle to pursue what is God-ordained for men, their peace in being a women is stolen. Often happiness is found where you are right now rather than where you look.

Single Women

I know that not every person will find a spouse. That’s okay, too. Still, we need to embrace the gender that God made us and use the natural characteristics of our gender within God’s instructions for His glory and purposes. We can find contentment in the gifts and talents He gave us and develop these with excellence.

A single woman can be a wonderful nurse, care giver, artist, cook or chef, teacher, designer, and much, much more, using the nurturing, gentle passions God gave her. However, she must never reject her role as a woman and always remain open to following God in uniting with a Godly man to build a family. Additionally, there are families who need help. There are mothers who are ill and need nurses, home health aids, and/or nannies to assist in carrying for her and her children and home so their husbands can do work to provide for the family.

The Enemy’s Success: Divide and Conquer

The racial division and socioeconomic division that we are seeing in this nation is horrible! It breaks my heart. My friends whom I dearly love and respect, represent many races and socioeconomic standing! I can’t stand  hateful things that are said about any of them! I can not tolerate to listen when women say generalized mean and hateful things about men either. Yes, there are people of all genders, races, and socioeconomic standing that make some very bad choices that affect other people. However, those who make bad choices do not represent every one of their kind any more than you represent everyone that looks like you or lives in your community or is in your income bracket. God made us each responsible for our actions, and He made you special too. Know who you are. Be the woman He made you to be.

Be the Woman

You are beautiful and precious. You do not need to be a man! If you try to be the man in your marriage or relationship, your marriage will be missing the part that is supposed to be filled with the feminine. You and your husband each provide a unique half that makes the whole union. An unfullfilled vacuum forms when both of you try to fill the same half. You honestly can’t be a man no matter how hard you try.

Ladies who are not married should play the feminine part.  You will attract a manly part with whom you can become a whole family unit. You and your husband may share specific duties in the home based upon your strengths and skills. However you will want a strong man to lead. Be the woman who attracts this kind of man. Be gentle and kind!

You Can Still Use Your Skills, But There’s Only One Leader

In regards to skill, a woman can do many of the things that a man does. However, she cannot be the leader or even the co-leader in her home and have a God-blessed family. Our state governments cannot function with 300 governors and no legislators, attorney generals, or judges. We only need one governor. Your home needs only one leader. If you are married, your husband is the one who God deemed to be the final authority. Sure, he can delegate responsibilities, but when things are wrong he answers to God for it, not you. That’s actually a relief to me, though I try my best to do what is right. I am personally accountable for my choices. If I undermine my husband, I am confident I will answer to God for it.

Now, I am not saying that Hugh makes decisions on his own without my input. That’s far from the fact. It’s true there are accounts through the Bible of women providing counsel and serving as judges, though that is in the situation where the men are not doing their jobs.

If Your Man Doesn’t Seem To Want To Lead

As women, we must be careful that we don’t assume roles that prevent our men from being able to take the leadership position. Our men don’t want to fight us for leadership position. Most of them are gentlemen and will back down before they fight us. They will then submit to us and not lead on much of anything. So, if you find that you are in the leadership position and don’t want to be, maybe you should back away a little at a time and encourage your husband to make decisions. If he seems reluctant, give him choices. Then, when he does make a decision, don’t correct him or nag at him but praise him and follow his lead, even if you know there may be some issues or problems with it.

Ask questions if you think there will be some significant problems. In questioning, you may be able to help him see what he needs to modify, but don’t over-question or nag or he will feel you are challenging his decisions and possibly retreat. At first, he may be very insecure. He most likely craves your approval. Give it to him! It’s probably what he wants more than anything.

Let Him Lead

With you championing him as his world’s greatest cheerleader, he may find that he can assume the leadership role and do well in it as you both make the adjustment gradually. It was difficult for me to learn to trust my husband to make the decisions that I had become accustomed to making when I had been a professional and managing many people proficiently for quite some time. However, he needed to be the final authority. I needed to support him, even when I disagreed. I gently shared my opinion and then became quiet to let him decide what we’d do. Then, I carried out his instructions, even if different than my suggestion.

A Good Leader

Hugh is a tremendous leader. He receives input when it is appropriate to do so, and in a critical moment can issue instructions for the family that are on target and clear. The family doesn’t question his authority, so there is unity and cooperation. We get things done around here and have a very happy and peaceful home with everyone feeling valued and loved! Isn’t that what everyone wants? It is also high productive and safe!

3. Don’t be deceived! Guard your heart and home and stand strong with your community of like-minded, God-fearing people, including those who keep you informed.

The Progressive Ideology Challenging Our Speech

So, we recognize that beyond feminism, there is a sneaky, silent war of “progressive” ideology as well as Islam ideology and others that are attacking our Bible-based family values and personal liberties. We are reading and hearing about it somewhat. Yet, there is a massive effort from major media outlets to downplay the negative aspects of these ideologies and to outright suppress and mock those who oppose these ideologies. Most colleges won’t  invite conservative speakers. Entertainers and movies mock conservative ideology and leaders. These liberals will tout “freedom of speech” slogans when this fits their own agenda, yet go to great lengths to squelch the speech of those who differ and attempt to post hateful words in the little space where conservatives have a voice, like SurvivalBlog and similar blogs and news outlets.

They have fought to push the acceptance of their agenda, often creating the turmoil we see in our nation to garner attention. In spite of their threatening messages, acts of destruction and violence, suppression of free speech, and other basic human right violations, major media and online suppliers of entertainment and products are slinging their weight to suppress conservative messages under the guise that it violates the very human rights these liberals are themselves violating. Confusing? It most definitely is! I don’t even understand how they can look themselves in the mirror and say that they are fair and open-minded.

The Media Fight

Youtube placed the “anti-family friendly” label on Wranglestar, which prevents him from earning income from his work to inform and encourage us in our self sufficiency endeavors. For over a year now, “Big Sister” has manipulated Facebook to cut anti-feminism pages. Progressives are targeting social media pages, blogs, and websites that discuss the problems with feminism and other conservative topics, too. Within major media, the concept of unbiased reporting and respect for freedom of the press is practically dead. The liberal progressives have cleverly bought control of or intimidated the media, Hollywood, and many corporations. Through this maneuvering, they have influenced the minds of many Americans, those who are loyal to their entertainers and willing to follow the mass media’s lead.

Great God-Fearing Prepper Community

The independent-minded prepper community that thinks and looks at facts encourages me. They don’t shout their emotions while following whatever the major media and Hollywood feeds them! I am grateful that there are God-fearing Americans who look to the Bible for truth rather than NBC and the latest talk shows interviewing pop culture artists who tell people who to vote for, how to dress, who their latest boyfriend is, what the latest self-indulgence is, and where’s a fun place to go for vacation.

Psychological Warfare

“Big sister” is watching and lurking to protect the interests of mean, domineering women with their downright destructive and murderous agenda. These feminist organizations and media are shielding women from hearing the truth. Progressive feminist women do not own or control most media organizations. Feminists have been obnoxiously loud and forceful with their message.They claim those who oppose them are “haters of women”. Therefore, many men and women are afraid to speak up in opposition to these feminists. So, they let these female bullies push them around. Eventually people buy into the idea that this is “normal”.

I was reminded of how role playing can become embraced to the point that reason is thrown to the wind. If you have never seen any part of the Stanford Prison Experiment or read about it, you really should. It helps to explain many of the crazy actions of today that may initially begin with people just going along to keep the peace between themselves and some radical. It then ends with people taking unreasonable and even evil actions without cause. It’s happening in our nation, folks! Don’t be deceived!

The Media Lies

Mass media and electronic media outlets are blocking news and speech that oppose feminism. As a result, women believe that they are not adequate as women. They are given messages that they need to conform to manliness and fight to reject their womanhood. They want women to believe that devoting themselves full-time to their family is demeaning or a waste. Furthermore, they frown upon the idea of wanting or needing a husband (or if you have one then letting him make decisions for them). Training children is falsely assumed to be a chore for paid staff or government workers. They believe they can better care for and teach (or should I say “indoctrinate”) children en masse. Instead, they encourage women to endulge in whatever is self satisfying, whether binge eating or immoral acts.

The mainstream media makes monsters out of those who speak out in opposition to federal funding of and/or federal laws that oppose the natural family unit. If you say that you believe that homosexuality, abortion, pornography, pedophilia, and feminism is wrong, a liberal ridicules you.

The Anger

The most ugly words ever spoken to me have come from liberal lesbian women whom I knew growing up or worked with. When they wanted me to affirm their lifestyle and I told them I didn’t agree with their choices, they went hostile with vile words and insults toward me, my husband, and my family. They told me I had no right to say such things and was a hater and should have legal actions taken against me. However, when I pointed out that it was them who had threatening behavior and vile words, they responded that they had the freedom of speech. It definitely was not a two-way street with them. They could use whatever vulgar expletives they wanted under their “freedom of speech”, but I apparently could have no opinion on moral issues and exercised my “freedom of speech”.

Falsely Accused As Haters

The media portrays those of us who want to protect the family from these anti-family movements as backwards rednecks who are out of touch with the times and need to have our voices squelched. They call us names, like “haters”, yet the opposite is true, for most of us anyway. We don’t hate. We want true love to abound. God designed a man and a woman to come together to create a family, to work together, to reproduce, and to “train up (their) child in the way they should go”. I absolutely do not wish harm to any homosexual or lesbian person, but I wish them God’s best, truly!

I want people to genuinely care for one another’s well-being and to recognize the roles they are born in as valuable, precious, God-ordained, and important in the family unit, which is the means by which our civilization continues. Each person has a role and purpose that fits into something greater and God-ordained. This role within a family does not devalue them or oppress them, and it certainly is not hateful. Helping people see their value and significance in their critical role as wife and mother is not wrong. It is a worthy pursuit, I believe.

Challenges Within Survival Media Outlets

While Wranglestar, SurvivalBlog, and other long-standing, original voices for the survival and self sufficiency community are realizing some challenges because their messages oppose the passionate emotions of the feminists and the liberal progressives that control many media outlets, the message will continue. Truth cannot destroyed! The light shines on darkness, though the darkness hates it.

It is obvious that there are women who have problems with my perspective in this article series. Twenty or thirty years ago, I would have been uncomfortable with it, too. But God opened my eyes. I will never close them or stop using my voice to share truth with others. Part of the truth is the message of family and the valuable role women play within it.

Sadly, I have had to spend a great deal of time dispelling the evil of feminism in this article rather than the joys of being a woman who walks properly in her role. It was about the lessons learned from the mistakes of Eve, though. While I won’t stop sharing truth about a variety of topics, I am planning to take some time off from writing on the blog. I do plan to return before long. It’s an intense garden season around here and there is much to be done here on our homestead and in our community and family, too! (God and family come first.)

Parting Ways for a Little bBt

Please continue to support the voices that support you in pursuing your goals of preparedness, self sufficiency, and unity for when hardships come. The challenges of reaching you are greater than ever. As always, I personally am grateful to be associated with the ethical, God-fearing blog staff at SurvivalBlog. It’s the original survival blog committed to continuing to provide you with daily news and information so you will be prepared.

Until we meet again on SurvivalBlog, I wish every God-fearing woman (feminists too!) peace, prosperity, and confident assurance of your purpose as a beautiful, precious woman.

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  1. I agree. I know Mr. Rawles doesn’t agree with me on matters of Doctrine, as I am a devout member of the LDS church, however what is stated here is fundamental to what my faith believes in. We believe in the eternal nature of families and that each member male and female have a divinely appointed responsibility. If curious, read the Church’s Proclamation to the World which states our doctrine.

    The family is the basic unit of my faith and divinely inspired to be between Man and Woman.

    Thank you for sharing your post.

  2. As a man, I totally approve of your position. There has been a demonstrated attack on the traditional family unit since at least the 1960’s. I have watched the workplace go from a man working to support his family to the current system that devalues the man completely. For those of you who do not believe this here is a thought: How many single mother families do you know that are supported by the state? Welfare, food stamps, state paid daycare (so mom can go to work) etc. etc.? When I was a child in the 50-60’s it was unusual for a family to have only one parent. This was the exception, not the rule. Look it up now! Our children’s children (grandkids) are taught through the media and the school sytems that the man is not a needed part of the family. As a former teacher in the public school system it broke my heart to deal with so many fatherless children. You did not have to ask. As a man teacher (mostly women) they would surround me on the playground. A word to parents and grandparents ” do whatever you can to help your children with the high cost of a private education.” Save more, offer to help home-school, whatever it takes. It is worth it to save the snowflake generation. Who do you think taught them to be “snowflakes”. The idiot box and the public school system. Take the time to teach this newest generation. So much basic knowledge has been lost to these children. Be strong and pray for God’s blessings.

  3. Love your thoughts and ideas about the role of a wife. At first my wife and I would disagree on some subject and it was very hard for her after 10 years of being a single mother to back off and submit to my leadership. All I had to do was read Ruth to her and use that as an example. I think, as you stated, the burden that falls on the husband for bad decisions should not be taken lightly.

  4. The Feminine Genius is alive and well, if still a bit hidden.

    The only thing I think I might be able to add is we need to remember we’ve fallen to our animal natures, and that isn’t necessarily bad, but must be recognized and channeled.

    For men, they don’t have “wandering eyes”, that is something hardwired into the brain – the flesh. Men are programmed to see beauty as they do as representing health and fertility. This is a reason for women to maintain their appearance – not for the women’s bible study at church, but so their husband’s radar will still want to lock in on them.

    But women too have their hardwired desires. You can’t explain why 50 shades is popular even among “feminists”? Easy. Someone called it “mommy porn”. What fires the same “attractive mate” neurons is a dominant man. Check Amazon romance novel themes. In the top are Alphas and Cowboys. Protectors and providers.

    Even Christian women are wired to reject “nice”, but it requires explanation. Women are wired to test mates, to use the polite version a “fitness test”. Have you ever made an unreasonable request of your man, and when he went and did it you found him LESS desirable? This is the problem, if a man can’t stand up to a single hen-peck, how is he going to protect you from a real threat? That is part of the wiring, so women need to catch themselves testing their men, and men need to deny excessive requests.

    Also see:

    1. TZ,
      You make some great points!

      I believe these basic desires that you describe as animal natures have more to do with the separation of Adam (when God made Eve) into two distinct parts that deeply, basically long for each other than merely relating to animals, but I admit to not yet reading your links. (I intend to.)

      I absolutely agree that it is important for a woman to keep her husband’s eyes satisfied. Men are visually stimulated. This is something I have to make an effort to do, as I work the homestead and therefore am not wearing a fancy dress, high heels, and makeup during the day. Still, I can do things to be attractive to Hugh while on the homestead and after work is done. My hair, face, and clothing can be flattering, and I can be clean and smell nice, too. A cotton dress or denim skirt with colorful t-shirt or blouse is my normal attire rather than blue jeans, as I want Hugh to always see me as his lady. I may be in work boots or hiking shoes in my cotton dress or skirt, but I am making an attempt to look feminine. He seems to respond favorably, too.

      Just as important, a man should demonstrate that he is a strong provider and protector for his woman. He doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) rough with her to do so. He does need to be able to firmly say “no” to anyone who pushes his boundaries or tries to take advantage of the family. Within the family, he needs to stand his ground when it is the right thing to do. The women of SurvivalBlog (or the survival community) are likely to be more sensitive to the need for a protector than most in these uncertain times.

      I am fortunate that Hugh does not speak to me in anger. He can be firm but is always loving. However, I respond to him, and a look is often enough between us for me to know that I’ve said enough. We know each other well, and there is love and respect. No need to harshness. There is a great deal of gentleness, kindness, and thoughtfulness. However, anyone who messes with me or our family will have to go through him, and I have no doubts of the abilities of my protector. He calmly and firmly negotiates favorably on our family’s behalf for good and reasonable deals and defends us against more than just physical threats. These are all part of what attracts me to him. It’s not just that he is able to hit that bulls eye again and again with a variety of weapons at long distances, and he can!

      Thank you so much for your additional comments. They are right on target!

    1. Newbie,
      I’m glad to hear it. To God be the glory. It comes from His word and His instruction for life.
      Hugh and I have found happiness because we have submitted to our Creator’s ways. While in the beginning it seems like a sacrifice to do so, we soon discovered the great benefits and blessings of living in harmony with our Creator’s instruction.
      The Bible is the absolute best guide book for relationships. It speaks of the role of the groom and the bride from Genesis through Revelation. Though sometimes those terms mean more than a single man and woman, the concept is clearly significant to God and should be to us as well.
      A Godly marriage relationship is a light in the world to testify of our faith through the peace, unity, and strength it brings between two who are distinct but become one in more than physical ways. Their hearts, minds, and purposes are aimed in the same direction.

      I also want to share a message to you, Newbie, and all like you making the transition in life from a Nordstrom lifestyle to a survival-minded one. I understand this and am pleased you are working with your husband to prepare your family on a budget. We need to make sacrifices of what is fleeting worldly vanity (like nail and hair salon expenses that I have known, too) to secure the future of our families. It’s something we should think about every time any of us reach to put something in the cart, whether online or at the store. Men have their things, too. I ask myself if this item helps me or my family become stronger and healthier (physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually) or more self sufficient or prepared. Does it help our family defend ourselves or our property, meet a real need (versus want), or honor the LORD’s instruction, including honoring our parents and caring for widows and orphans? If the answer is “no”, then I probably don’t buy it. It’s a want and an “extra”. We have a strict budget that allows for only a small amount of extras, like hair care, lipstick, or mascara. (The answers to the questions about them are “no”, so they’re extras.) I actually cut all of the men’s hair myself to save money, and I have been known to cut my own long hair, too. I’ve done this for more than 20 years, though I have no professional training. I suspect there are plenty of youtube articles if you want to go this route, but it isn’t necessary, as there are some very good reasonable barbers and hair stylists for simple cuts. By sticking to our budget and postponing many “extras”, we’ve discovered we can do without some of them. In this budget process, we have accomplished much.

      We appreciate the prepping community who are loyal to SurvivalBlog, like you, and help us spread its valuable message! God bless you all! We can only do this because of people like you!

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